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Glamazon bitch & liberation: 11 of Adam Rippon’s best tweets

America’s favorite Ice Qween, Adam Rippon, captivated us with his fantastic performance in the Team Skate, in which he earned a Bronze Metal and landed in 10th place in the Individual Men’s Figure Skating competition. That he accomplished this while sparring with Mike Pence, purportedly the veep of the United States, made his performance even sweeter.

Donning black stretch pants and a sheer, sequined shirt–the choice wardrobe for any red-blooded American male figure skater–he captured the hearts of a nation.

For those of us already familiar with Rippon, however, last Sunday’s program–as well as his admission he needed a glass of wine after–came as the latest in a delightful string of irreverent and sassy moments the skater has entertained us with, particularly on Twitter, where he is almost as accomplished as he is on the ice.

With Adam still refusing to meet Pence (good for him), we’ve decided to highlight some of Adam’s best moments in the Twitterverse.

1. Self-Love

2. Shower?

3. Glamazon Prime

4. Pearly Wisdom

5. Bush Doctrine 

6. #UsToo

And for a few older, pre-Winter Olympic, gems…

7. Looking Sharp

8. Brow Buster


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9. Junk Hauler

10. Bottoming Out


11. Dept. of Shameless Self-Promotion

You’re damn right, you have.