Afternoon Aural: Method Man f/ Mary J. Blige
It’s been a blessed week over here at Queerty. We’re not sure if you’ve heard the news – although, we know you have – but we have a new, melanin-happy sibling, Stereohyped.

In honor of her glorious, virtual birth, we asked editor Lauren Williams to suggest an Afternoon Aural for our listening pleasure. She hesitated at first, wracking her brain for something new and hot for you kids, but we told her to stop worrying about you guys and start thinking of herself (what do you want? it’s her special Wednesday, or something).

After much consideration, Williams finally suggested the Method Man and Mary J. Blige collaborative classic, “You’re All I Need”.

Ms. Williams went on to explain the Grammy-winning single ranks as one of her aural favorites. And, you know what, it’s one of our’s, too. See? We really are family!

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