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  • CitizenGeek

    “I’m a gigolo spendin’ lots ‘a dough ..”

    Ugh. This is not music.

  • Marc

    ANYTHING with R.Kelly should be banned!

    He’s a fucking child molesting, pedophile !

  • Shabaka

    I agree with both your comments, MARC and CITIZENGEEK! I used to love Mariah, I mean her MUSIC BOX album was amazing and R Kelly’s earlier style was great too! I mean Nick is fine and all but he can’t rap to save his life. Oh and R. Kelly, if indeed that sex tape is his, the bastard belongs in a cell room with that Austrian freak that is Mr Fritzl!

  • Starr

    this is an awsome song.this was hott in 03 but it’s hotter in 08 so all yall don’t hate on dat Nick boy

  • Starr

    This was the hottiest song in 03 but it’s hotter in 08 and all yall don’t hate on dat Nick boy cuss he raw and ya lame cuss he get dat dow

  • Starr

    I don’t agree with Shabaka grl cuss R. kelly didn’t got it he said that it was his brother when the tape came out in 02 so what the f is she talkin bout she needs to get her facts in order be4 she comes @ dat dude Kell’s like dat again.

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