AG Aides Refused Hires For Sexuality, Political Standing, Says DOJ

Former Attorney General staffer Monica Goodling and her cohorts had some pretty queer hiring practices.

A Department of Justice report confirmed today that Goodling, who worked as a White House liaison for A.G. Alberto Gonzales’ office, considered political affiliation, influence and sexuality when considering new hires:

Several witnesses provided credible testimony that one of the reasons for Goodling’s actions was the alleged sexual orientation of the AUSA.

We concluded that Goodling’s actions violated Department policy and federal law, and constituted misconduct.

In addition, we believe [Executive Office for the United States Attorneys Executive Director Michael] Battle should have raised concerns about Goodling’s actions. In this instance, Battle knew that Goodling had considered sexual orientation as a reason to deny the [Assistant U.S. Attorney] an extension of her EOUSA detail.

Sexuality wasn’t the only litmus test, of course. One man was rejected because his resume “appeared to be a liberal Democrat.”

There’s no word on whether the staffers will face charges, although some Congressional investigators may pursue perjury for the lies Goodling and others told during Congressional hearings.

Hear’s a PDF of the DOJ’s ruling, if you’re interested.