Meet Alotta Vahjeen: The Small Town Drag Queen With Alotta Style!

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Alotta Vahjeen is this week’s Dragaholic Drag Queen of the Week! Find out what it was like to be a young gay boy in a small town and discover the magical world of drag!

Alotta Vahjeen Oklahoma Wreck Room Drag Queen MakeupWhen I was about 11 years old I was up later than I should have been when “Female Troubles” came on the television. That was my first encounter with drag. It was Divine. She was big and scary and I was completely terrified Never would I have thought that one day I would grow up to become a big scary drag queen myself!

Living in Oklahoma I had never heard of or seen a drag queen. At that time I didn’t even know what gay was. I came out to myself three years later and vowed to never tell anybody because I had heard the way that people in my town would talk about gay people.

Fast forward years. I found myself at the Wreck Room in Oklahoma City – an all ages nightclub – where I saw my first real drag show. The queens weren’t so big and scary after all. It was that night when I absolutely fell in love with the idea of being a drag queen. The queens all seemed so glamorous and everybody wanted to be like them.

I practiced on my own and did a few amateur nights here and there. Then, in the Spring of 2014, I tried out for “Jak’kay Monroe’s Wreck Room Idol,” a live competition show. I honestly didn’t think I would make it very far, but that August I was announced as the winner! I can’t explain what winning has meant for me! Then, on top of all that, Jak’kay Monroe (the host at the Wreck Room) asked me to be her drag daughter. I now have a regular spot at the Wreck Room, and you can catch me in May at the Austin International Drag Festival!

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