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Why does alt-right darling Tomi Lahren’s Facebook profile link to an adult film site?

Um, what is going on with alt-right darling Tomi Lahren’s Facebook page?

An anonymous tipster has informed Queerty that in the Contact Info section of the About Page on the self-righteous 24-year-old’s official Facebook profile, there’s a link to the very un-Christian adult site

If you click the link, however, it directs you to this 404 error page:

Still, what’s it doing there to begin with?

In the past, Lahren has said LGBTQ Americans should stop whining about things like equal rights and simply be happy they don’t live in countries where they’re stoned to death or thrown from buildings, complained that she and her friends are sick of gay rights “stuff” being “paraded in our faces constantly,” and linked trans rights to pedophilia.

In addition to all that, she’s anti-feminist, anti-black, anti-Democrat, and anti-environment. She calls the Middle East “the sandbox,” doesn’t believe in reproductive rights, thinks President Obama was a total failure, and she absolutely hates Beyonce.

We can’t help but wonder: Has the blossoming white supremacist been moonlighting as an adult film star in addition to her job at The Blaze, or was her Facebook page hacked?

We may never know.

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