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  • HayYall

    I really can’t believe Time is actually publishing that list after they were so obviously hacked by the 4chan crowd.

    Why are the they still in business again?

  • Ancaletus

    Poor Americans…so parochial-minded…I am starting to think that the “stupid-American” stereotype is true….

  • Dabq

    This is one of the scariest people in America, and, he should be watched and called out for his hate, since he has more power with people who actually make the laws, than the two bit, over the top preachers that most gay suites give far more attention to than they deserve.

  • dvlaries

    … and I’d like to see how talkative is he is after, for instance, climbing three flights of stairs.

  • rickroberts

    So, let’s look on the bright side. Rick, like most of these preachers, spend too much time with peas, cornbread, and the like. Just look at him. Headed for an early grave for sure.

  • Schteve

    Don’t read anything into this. 4chan users spammed the votes so that the first letters of the names of the top 21 people would spell out “Marble cake, also the game.” Rick Warren placed third not because he is that influential, but because his name begins with an R.

  • Erik

    Yeah, I think this a prime example of why on-line polling for almost anything of consequence is a terrible idea.

  • 7SnowyNights

    @Schteve: Proof that 4chan should be running shit.

  • rogue dandelion

    wtf is 4chan?
    more influential than warren?
    this is all very disturbing.

  • ajax

    @rickroberts: Don’t let Rick Warren touch your peas! If he tries, tell him “No” in a firm voice and look for an adult.

  • Mark M

    If it’s true, then it’s good news for that hag Melissa Ethridge. Nice to have powerful friends.

  • bobito

    But really, what is 4chan? I have never heard of this until reading this post.

    Unfortunately, I have heard of Rick Warren before.

  • Schteve

    4chan’s a website which you would know all about if you even bothered to read the info on the winner, moot.

    That said, please don’t check out the site itself since you will probably be scared shitless by most of its content.

  • Mickey's Mouse

    @Ancaletus: Well if you’ll look at an earlier post you’ll see that religious people are dumber than non-religious people…and Middle-America/ The south are all full of very religious people…hence the stupidity… :D

  • All Hail Our New God

    @HayYall: There were attempts to hack the Time site, but it looks like they didn’t succeed. Rather, it seems to have been the result of a coordinated effort on the part of 4chan members (who number in the jillions) to cast multiple votes for moot. I, for one, welcome our new overlord.

  • fitc

    Thanks to Obama he is now a household name and richer than even he himself could have ever imagined.

    Thanks Barack!



  • fitc

    Melissa Etheridge has to be one of the stupidest lesbians on the planet. Wow is the woman dumb, holy shit. What a selfish idiot.

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