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America Believes Waterboarding is Torture. Why Doesn’t the Media?


The newspaper otherwise known as the Grey Lady has made a decision: The waterboarding techniques employed by the U.S. government against suspected terrorists is not torture, which means the New York Times won’t be using the word. Public editor Clark Hoyt’s own article on the decision — which much of the media find themselves struggling with — doesn’t even use the word once. But the Times (and CBS News) conducted a poll, asking Americans whether they thought waterboarding was torture — and a resounding 71 percent believe waterboarding is torture (PDF), notes WhoRunsGov.


Funny that the TimesOWN ARTICLE ABOUT ITS OWN SURVEY doesn’t even mention this finding.

So the Times‘ own survey data informs them most of America believes waterboarding is torture. But the executive suite at the Grey Lady does not.