A Much-Needed Etiquette Guide For Straight Girls In Gay Bars

For every woman who just wants to grab a drink with her homo friends or legitimately likes the music, there are sixty more who show up for all the wrong reasons. Most of those I’ve laid out in previous articles. The summation is that if if you think gay men can give you something that straight men can’t, you are in the wrong place.

Follow grade-school levels of decorum around strangers and you’ll be fine. Don’t overshare—your bodies and your sex lives aren’t necessarily of interest to us. Don’t expect us to dance with you. It’s not my senior prom. Do not use us as as fonts of information about all gay men, either in general or at that bar. We are not all gay men. We are ourselves. Fawning over couples as being “soooo cute” comes off as condescension at best and overcompensation at worst.

And if you take away one thing from this article, let it be this: keep your fucking bachelorette party out of our bars. If you treat my safe space like your zoo, I will seduce your fiance while you’re out selecting stationary.”

—From blogger Zach Rosen’s “A Girl’s Guide to Attending A Gay Bar” in

Images via Endlisnis, TalesOfTheBarSide