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And Now the Bloggers Say They Knew CA Sen. Roy Ashburn Is Gay. And Still, Everybody Kept It Quiet

Brian Leubitz calls himself “a recovering attorney.” According to his bio, he “just completed my master’s degree in public policy at the Goldman School of Public policy at UC-Berkeley.” He lives in San Francisco with his husband, also named Brian. He is also among a growing list of folks who apparently knew all about California State Sen. Roy Ashburn’s proclivity for dudes, but didn’t make an effort to publicize it.

On the group “progressive issues” blog Calitics that Leubitz started in 2005, he writes, “That Sen. Roy Ashburn was a closet case was one of the worst kept secrets around Sacramento. He would periodically appear in a gay bar, trying to be as discreet as a state senator can be in Sacramento. He’s not exactly a rock star or anything, but in a city built around state government, he’s pretty recognizable. And so, on 2 occasions, somebody sent me an email saying that they had seen him at a gay bar. It had become more common over the last few years, as he was heading for his term limit and had no logical place to continue his political career. And, with his vote in support of a few minor tax increases in the California budget dispute last year, his chances of winning a Republican primary for dog catcher were also rapidly decreasing.”

So why didn’t Leubitz out the guy — before Ashburn did it himself, by allegedly driving drunk after leaving a gay bar? “Apparently, he became sloppy in his closet, either because he didn’t care anymore or because he thought he would never be caught. But, I’m no Mike Rogers, and I’ve never been all that great at the CYA work that’s necessary if you are going to start publishing that kind of stuff.”

We wouldn’t recommend every civilian go Mike Rogers on anti-gay homosexual politicians. But Mr. Leubitz is the creator and writer at a progressive blog about California issues and politics. If ever there was somebody who should call attention to an elected official who voted regularly against the rights of gay Californians, and who participated in Traditional Family Values rallies, it’s folks like Leubitz.

It’s one thing for mainstream television news and newspaper outlets to conceal politicians’ sexuality under the guise of refusing to out anyone. We disagree with that position (when it comes to anti-gay politicos), but we understand the corporate machine makes decisions, not the newsroom. (Except in the case of the Bakersfield Californian, where the editors are fingered as not reporting on Ashburn’s sexuality.)

But if we can’t rely on members of our own, like Brian — who is gay and fancies himself a Californian political commentator — then who should we rely on?

Well, us if you want. Know a gay politician voting against us? We’ll make it a headline, let it spread like wildfire, and shame the guy into either voting for us, or leaving office.

Writing on Calitics on Thursday, Leubitz titled his post “Sen. Ashburn’s Glass Closet Door Shatters.” Apparently, it could’ve shattered years ago, and we’d have on fewer elected officials voting against equal rights.

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