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Andrew Garfield opines on straight actors playing gay roles in the most Andrew Garfield way imaginable

“I understand the complaint. I think Tony Kushner put it best.

He said, ‘It’s illegal for me to ask someone who they f*ck in terms of hiring them for a job. That’s none of my business, who someone sleeps with. The only question I have as the playwright is, are they right for this character?’

He said that if we only let people play who they are, then it’s the death of empathic imagination. I think that’s beautifully put, and I agree with it.

The community has suffered so much oppression. As a straight, white male, with so much privilege in this world, I believe my job right now is to pay attention, to listen and to be an ally.”Andrew Garfield speaking to the Independent about straight actors playing gay roles.

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