Anglicans May Ban Gay, Anti-Gay Bishops

The ongoing Anglican Communion’s queer internal struggle took a decidedly high school direction this week. Two of the most controversial American bishops have not been invited to next year’s international Anglican Communion conference, according to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s office.

Neither openly gay Gene Robinson, nor Bishop Martyn Minns – who leads a breakaway Virginia church aligned with anti-gay Bishop Peter Akinola. Secretary general of the communion, Canon Kenneth Kearon told reporters that while Robinson may get a last minute invite, Minns definitely off the list. Washington Post reports:

Robinson may be invited to attend the Lambeth Conference as a guest, but Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams is not contemplating inviting Minns, Kearon said.

“The question of Gene Robinson … I think has exercised the archbishop of Canterbury’s mind for quite some time… However, for the archbishop to simply give full recognition at this conference would be to ignore the very substantial and very widespread objections in many parts of the communion to his consecration and to his ministry.

We can understand excluding Minns (he broke with church policy by joining the Nigeria-based movement), but it seems to us that Robinson’s repeated efforts to unify the church make him an essential part of any Anglican talks.