Anne Rice’s Former New Orleans Mansion Is Everything You Want It To Be

Sure, there’s limitless pleasure to be found on Bourbon Street and in the French Quarter, but no visit to New Orleans is complete without a tour of the lush Garden District and a photo op in front of the magnificent antebellum home in which Anne Rice lived for many years. The author, beloved by countless fans for her series of homoerotic Vampire novels, posted a message on her Facebook page that read:

When I wrote “The Witching Hour,” I made the house I was living in, in the Garden District of New Orleans, on the corner of Chestnut and First Street, into the home of the Mayfair family of witches. I lived in this spectacular house for 15 years, and it figured in a total of five novels. Today I found this lovely website devoted to it, filled with pictures of the rooms in which I lived, and the rooms I described in my writing. I no longer live there, but will always walk those rooms in my dreams, and the house shall live in my heart forever. The house is a private home, and not open to the public, but any trip to New Orleans is enhanced by a walking tour of the great houses of the Garden District. (Don’t do this alone. Go in groups and during daylight hours.)

Enjoy a video tour of the home below.

H/t Come To My Parlor