Anti-Gay Church’s Advert Investigated

A Northern Ireland church could be in a heap of trouble.

The Advertising Authority’s currently investigating whether a Presbyterian parish violated advertising codes by releasing an advert condemning gay pride.

In addition to calling same-sex love an abomination and gays as “perverts,” the Sandown Free Presbyterian Church also suggested that pride events may bring on more anti-gay violence:

In the advertisement, the church – led by the Rev David McIlveen – justifies its hostility towards the gay community by ‘quoting’ from the Bible and lambasts the need for a parade which celebrates a “profitable lifestyle”.

The church condemns recent homophobic attacks, but said some attacks may have been “provoked” by a section of the gay community’s “desire to be known for a perverted form of sexuality” and called on followers to continue to protest against them despite these attacks.

“It is a cause for regret that a section of the community desire to be known for a perverted form of sexuality, which in certain incidences has provoked the unacceptable and totally unjustifiable response of violence. Such a response, however, must not intimidate the church into silence,” the advertisement says.

So, while they don’t condone violence, they’re not going to work to end it… Love that moral relativity!