Anti-Gay Crimes Bigger Than Us All!

Distressing news out of the University of California.

A recent poll shows that anti-gay hate crimes are more prevalent than some may think. According to Gregory Herek, nearly two-fifths of gay men and 1/8th of lesbians have faced homophobic crime and violence.

The psychology professor surveyed 662 men and women back in 2005 and found more than his fair share of anti-gay attacks.

According to Herek’s survey,

Overall, 21 percent of the people in the survey reported being the victim of violence or a property crime — including physical assault, sexual assault, theft and vandalism — because of their sexual orientation. In addition, 49 percent said they had been verbally abused because of their sexual orientation, 23 percent reported being threatened with violence, 12.5 percent reported having objects thrown at them, and 11 percent reported housing or job discrimination. The total exceeds 100 percent because some individuals reported being the target of multiple attacks.

These startling numbers prove that we need stronger hate crime laws, says Herek. These data highlight the continuing need for criminal justice programs to prevent and deter anti-gay crimes.” The psychologist professor also suggests more social programs for victim services.