White Supremacist Linked To Steven Domer's Death?

Anti-Gay Hate Crime In OK?

Oklahoma police have their hands full with what appears to be an anti-gay hate crime.

The death of an Edmond man whose body was found in McClain County is being investigated as a possible hate crime.

Steven Domer was last seen alive October 26th in Oklahoma City in what an investigator calls a “gay neighborhood.”

His car was found burned four days later in McClain County and his body was found November 4th.

Police investigating the death later searched a home in McClain County owned by Darrell Madden.

This Madden character, a reported white supremacist, has since been arrested for another, unrelated murder. He has not, however, been named a suspect in the Domer mystery.

One of Domer’s friends and final witnesses told police that he and Domer had approached two men the night of Domer’s disappearance, but were “uncomfortable” and left. The pal speculates that Domer returned to the men, which may have been a fatal mistake.