Anti-Gay Rep. Allen West Presumed Loser In Florida Election

Looks like it won’t matter if Rep. Allen West concedes his hotly-contested (by Rep. Allen West) race for the Houe of Representatives with Democrat Patrick Murphy – Florida is ready to concede for him.

NBC Miami reports:

Election officials missed a deadline Sunday to report results of a two-day recount in GOP Rep. Allen West’s race to remain in Congress, apparently sealing unofficial results giving the win to Democrat Patrick Murphy.

St. Lucie County did not meet a noon cutoff to finish processing 37,379 ballots cast early in the District 18 congressional election, it eventually released the results, which showed Murphy actually gaining votes in the recount. Regardless, under Florida law, previously submitted results favoring Murphy will be certified unless an emergency exemption is granted by the state.

The race between Murphy, 29, and West, 51, was the country’s most expensive House contest and, thanks to West’s refusal to concede, one of the most closely watched. According to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, both sides raised nearly $21 million as of Oct. 17, with Super PACs contributing another $6.6 million.

Tea Party golden boy West – known for calling the LGBT community “intolerable,” denying the occurrence of  LGBT job discrimination and advising President Obama and Rep. Nancy Pelosi to “get the hell out of the United States” – was portrayed by his competitor as “an extremist who has done little else in Washington than stoke partisan fires.”

Imagine that.

If West wanted to turn that beaten dead horse into glue, he can still seek a formal contest to the election but the people have spoken – several times. It would be best for West to go gently into that good night…especially since his political career will exist solely in his dreams.