Radio Host Overuses Word "Fascist"

Anti-Gay Savage’s Media War Continues

Conservative shitbag Michael Savage took another opportunity to smear left-leaning website Media Matters. While discussing Bill O’Reilly’s Sylvia snafu, Savage again referred to MM as a “gay, fascist website”. Does he even know the meaning of fascist?

Savage’s words:

They [Media Matters] are simply a gay, fascist website without any guts whatsoever.” He added, “[T]hey attack me, O’Reilly, or whoever they can get their hands on that’s a conservative because they think that we’re anti-gay. They’re psychotic. They’re off their medication most of the time.

They’re a bunch of punk coward psychotics, so — I’m not on their side, don’t get me wrong. They’re vermin. They’re utter vermin.

This from the man who called a female taser-happy cop as a “bull-dyke fascist”. Does Savage even know what “fascist” means? He reminds us of those “rebellious” seventh-graders who hear their grandfather say something and then just repeat it willy-nilly.

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  • NeoAurelianus

    “He reminds us of those “rebellious” seventh-graders who hear their grandfather say something and then just repeat it willy-nilly.”

    That’s an egregious insult to seventh-graders, “rebellious” or not!! I’d compare Savage to a quadruped but that would be unfair also.

    Michael Savage is a anencephalic flatworm, and even that’s a slight to the latter.

  • bangpound

    It’s not surprising Savage confuses gay identity with fascism. Look at Pim Fortuyn, Jorg Haider and Ken Mehlemen. Also there’s often an edge of intellectual, aesthetic, moral and physical superiority in gay discourse about gay men.

  • RIco

    It’s amazing Savage has upwards of 20 million listeners! Maybe it’s because he’s right?

  • Phojo6

    RIco (above) wildly exaggerates. At best, the self-loathing, people loathing, deranged Savage has an audience of 10 million.

    Out of a total population of nearly 300 million, I’d say that that number would pretty well cover the number of similarly disturbed people who actually believe that Savage has anything worth listening to.

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