Radio Host Overuses Word "Fascist"

Anti-Gay Savage’s Media War Continues

Conservative shitbag Michael Savage took another opportunity to smear left-leaning website Media Matters. While discussing Bill O’Reilly’s Sylvia snafu, Savage again referred to MM as a “gay, fascist website”. Does he even know the meaning of fascist?

Savage’s words:

They [Media Matters] are simply a gay, fascist website without any guts whatsoever.” He added, “[T]hey attack me, O’Reilly, or whoever they can get their hands on that’s a conservative because they think that we’re anti-gay. They’re psychotic. They’re off their medication most of the time.

They’re a bunch of punk coward psychotics, so — I’m not on their side, don’t get me wrong. They’re vermin. They’re utter vermin.

This from the man who called a female taser-happy cop as a “bull-dyke fascist”. Does Savage even know what “fascist” means? He reminds us of those “rebellious” seventh-graders who hear their grandfather say something and then just repeat it willy-nilly.