Anti-Gay Statements Sweep Caribbean

Some Caribbean nations had a very gay anti-gay weekend!

The Bahamas’ Anglicans were pulled into the ongoing drama over this summer’s Lambeth Conference, during which time the world’s Anglican leaders are meant to meet and discuss pressing matters, like whether or not to open their doors to the queers. Bahamas-based Archbishop Drexel Gomez ain’t having it. The religious leader told The Nassau Guardian today that the international Communion should not widen its boundaries and accept gay folk, particularly gay Bishop Gene Robinson:

It would be “scandalous” if gay Anglican Bishop Canon V. Gene Robinson appeared at the upcoming Anglican Lambeth Conference in July with his partner, Archbishop Drexel Gomez told The Guardian Monday.

Gomez said the Anglican Church’s stance in The Bahamas following the consecration of the gay Bishop has not changed, and it is still against such practices.

“We do not support that [homosexuality] and we hold that homosexual practices is contrary to the teaching of the Bible and we still maintain that,” Gomez said, adding that the decision to ordain Robinson has led to other “controversies” in the Communion regarding sexuality and church authority.

“Controversy” doesn’t even begin to describe this potential schism. “Fucking disaster” may be more appropriate. Actually, “unnecessary fucking disaster”.

Meanwhile, across the ocean in Jamaica, church leaders came out this weekend to reiterate their stance on the gays: we’re sick and demented and should not be tolerated. From Jamaica Gleaner:

Jamaican church leaders stand resolute that despite strong lobbying by international gay rights activists, homo-sexuality will not be accepted as normal.

The Rev Dr Merrick ‘Al’ Miller, pastor of the Fellowship Taber-nacle in St Andrew, said that Jamaicans generally deem homo-sexuality wrong.

He said the demands of gay activists who are attempting to force their beliefs on society will in no way influence Jamaicans to change their views.

“Homosexuality is wrong from every possible angle,” said Miller. “It’s immoral from a physical, social and spiritual standpoint.” He said that despite this, the Church was willing to help and support those homosexuals who are in need of counseling or assistance to change their lifestyle.

Good old fashioned Christian charity, huh?

The Jamaican statement came after Human Rights Watch highlighted some recent homophobic attacks during which police did nothing. The government has yet to issue a response to HRW’s release.

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  • Judas

    “Unnecesary fucking disaster”?

    I can’t help think it is very necessary indeed.

    The more these “fake Christians” infight with each other the sooner the whole sorry fiasco falls down around them.

    Death to ignorance!

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Unfortunately, the new voices of Christian fervour and hate is being imported to the USA with the wide recruitment of immigrant populations into radical Evangelist-style sermons. There’s nothing like focusing on Gays instead of facing your own myriads of problems in your own communities. We should be stronger with condemnation with Gay Travel publications who still tout Jamaica and other such violent Carribean nations for their own corporate-driven profit. I doubt if their conscience would even be considered in Safe Gay Travel Destinations. They would never post a travel advisory for gay travellers coming to New York being targeted in Christopher Street bars by hustlers and tag-team thieves. Homophobia is never treated seriously in the media until the very top public officials of your city hold Press Conferences usually because of a Hate Crime derived mortality. Murder of Gays, Gay-bashing and Hate-speech against Gays is as Pandemic as the disease we are often derided for. The Age-old Christian Art of Distraction and Destruction of Others is detroying developing nations and creating a salve for all of societies’ ills by witch-hunting US!

  • nicoleken

    It’s reasonable to accept gay marriage. But i am not forcing others to accept it. But I just can’t understand why other can’t accept this as a common thing. “Our heart is full of love as you straight people do. why not?” said by my bisexual friend at ******. well, it is a popuar issure for us to disscussed and i can also calm down to hear any opinion.

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