Antigay Lawyers Really Phoning it in at This Point

Okay, now it’s like our opponents actually want to lose. Seriously, is this the best they can do?

In both Virginia and Utah this week, anti-equality lawyers dusted off their antique “responsible procreation” arguments for court. This is the same line of argument that has failed in one court after another in the last few years, and it is totally baffling why they think it is suddenly, magically going to work like it used to.

But hey, don’t let us stop you. Go right ahead. If this is how you want to lose, go right ahead.

Our opponents will soon get another chance to parade these losing arguments in court: there’s a new lawsuit in Wisconsin, and wait’ll you hear what one of the plaintiff couples had to go through. It involves power of attorney, a coma, and a rogue family member who was a little too eager with the plug. Yikes.

Meanwhile: keep an eye on Indiana this week. We might finally have an end to the suspense over the marriage ban … for a little while, at least.