Disappearing act

Antoni Porowski’s steamy Calvin Klein shoot was deleted from Instagram, but you can still it here

Just days after going public with his very adorable new boyfriendQueer Eye‘s resident avocado expert Antoni Porowski is showing the world exactly what he does in his Calvins.

Which is to say, he stripped down for a very steamy underwear shoot in a pair of Calvin Klein briefs.

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Photographer Damon Baker captured the images, which he later shared on his Instagram.

“In my studio with @antoni at 8AM listening to Placebo. Ask me anything below..,” Baker wrote.

UPDATE: For reasons we can’t imagine, Baker has deleted the gallery of photos from his Instagram. You can still see most of them here if you hurry.

Bonus: Here are Baker’s captivating and non-deleted images of Troye Sivan:

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Growing up I was always finding ways to be creative, there weren’t many people in my small town who I could share this part of me with so all I had access to was my inner self. From a young age I experimented with my style. I couldn’t afford designer clothes so I would sit for hours cutting up my own pieces, making outfits I thought were cool. I realized very quickly that my style and taste was different from those around me but something about that excited me. I was insecure growing up, I still am. As I formed my style, I also formed a character, I felt so confident putting on my self made costumes, I felt powerful, I felt myself. Looking back there was a sense of loneliness when you feel different to everybody else but now I see that there are so many of us, so many creative minds and it’s wonderful to see and collaborate with young creative people who share this spirit. Thank you @troyesivan for being a bad ass and letting me turn you into me for the day.

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