Appointment of Anti-Gay Archbishop An Attempt To “Rein In” San Francisco Gays

It’s very difficult to know why a particular appointment is made of a certain bishop to a certain diocese by the Vatican. But in this instance, it’s very difficult not to see this as a signaling of an attempt to rein in the diocese, particularly on hot-button issues like homosexuality and same-gender marriage.”

Vincent Pizzuto, associate professor of religious studies at the University of San Francisco, gives his perspective on the appointment of notoriously anti-gay bishop and noted lush Salvatore Cordlieone as archbishop of notoriously gay-friendly San Francisco to The New York Times.

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  • petensfo


    For too long it has been allowed to exist in society, with apologists claiming
    it’s not so bad, or the good outweighs the bad, etc.

    Belonging to the Katholic Khurch Kulture, ought to be viewed as openly supporting
    discrimination, & something that brings shame on you and your family… because that’s
    exactly the case.

  • QJ201

    Benedict will be the end of the Catholic Church as he demands interference in social issues rather than focus on the teachings of Jesus, you know, helping the poor and the unfortunate.

  • rand503

    He looks like he was hot when he was a younger guy. I’m sure he got some action in the seminary.

  • tidalpool

    I find it odd that so many people feel quite free to judge catholics, and yet condem them for doing the same. I am a roman catholic, and I know the teachings of my church concerning sins, like theft, abusing your wife, laying down with men, masterbating, not showing respect for your parents, etc. Those were all laws given to keep the ancient hebrews safe from the issues they faced in the early times of mankind. The Roman catholic ‘s continue to follow that sound advice added to the words of Christ jesus. Love thy neighbor as thyself. As Christ said, ‘Love’ was the greatest commandment. Those who judge w/o love, judge w/o morals, judge w/o values, judge w/o respect come from a place god has warned all of his followers to avoid. The new archbishop of San francisco is not anti-anyone. Nor is he a ‘noted’ lush. Both times words are being used to demean him because he is disagreed with. As Bishop, he has a charge to care for his flock, those people in San francisco who follow the Catholic faith. For those of you who are unaware of catholic teachings, we do not dislike or hate anyone. We do hate sins. We are commanded to do so, and to love the person. Those of you who speak hate of the new bishop, and of catholics in general because of homosexuality, or from dispising God, that is the result of choices you made. The hate and anger come from your conscience. If you let go of the anger, you will begin to see things in a much different light.

  • petensfo

    @tidalpool: What are you high???

    I could care less about the Catholic Church, except for one thing; they are not content to
    let me live my life in peace, but rather are lobbying in politics to continue my 2nd class
    status in my own nation, and regularly release statements declaring me a danger to society.

    This ‘church’ that you think you belong to doesn’t exist.

    Time to face the music, you need to find a different house of worship and continue your
    relationship with your ‘god’.

    Love thy neighbor, lol, c’mon, buddy… you are in serious denial if you think that’s what
    the Katholic Khurch is up to!


  • Dumdum

    @tidalpool: Valde irrationalis. Historiam Ecclesiae vestrae sanguine tinctam innocens. I think you are forgetting about the inquisition. Hundreds of thousands of innocent Jews, Muslims, Pagans, and Women, brutally tortured and then killed in the name of your loving Christ. Perhaps even numbering in the millions. Their only sin being that they were not Christian. You cannot be high just totally delusional. I really think you should change your screen-name from tidalpool to puddle. Isn’t there something in your dogmatic religion that refers to the sins of the father being visited on the son?

  • dgmoeller

    Ah yes and then there’s that lovely thing the catholic church did to the Mexican race, tearing down all the temples and using the stones to build Christian churches, and melting down all the gold to pour crucifixes for the missionary churches. Check the history, the entire thing was displayed in NY at the Met in the 90’s very sad. And for the haters, yes I was brought up catholic.

  • niles

    It may be time to storm the walls of of the cathedrals of hatred, ignorance, and bigotry and put the perpetrators on public trial by the masses!

  • Ogre Magi

    I don’t know why so many people pretend that catholics are somehow better than evangelicals

  • hf2hvit

    1. GAYFACE
    2. He was recently arrested for DUI. I lost two friends to drunks.

  • balehead

    PLUS there was a 17 year old in the car…why hasn’t anyone mentioned that?….

  • Ruhlmann

    @tidalpool: Your church is in it’s death throes and you know it.

  • Mjl-428

    @tidalpool: uhh, given the violent, and corrupted history of the Catholic Church, and the current issue of them and child sex abuse, I really think that they have no right to judge or run other people’s lives anymore. also. they judge with love, morals, values, or respect and are rightfully deemed wolves in sheep’s clothing for see my above reasons and comments 5, 6, and 7. if they never had this history or tried to make up for it, then you might have something

  • yaoming

    Gay face and nice fake tan.

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