Chicago Archbishop Francis George Compares Pride Parades To KKK Rally

When the leaders at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel found out that the parade route for Chicago’s annual Pride celebration would pass right by their church for the first time in city history, they objected, claiming that 800,000 parade attendees would make it hard for congregants to attend Sunday Mass. Fair enough—so the parade organizers moved the parade’s start time to noon, well after the service concludes.

But then Chicago Archbishop Cardinal Francis George took this small and peaceably resolved dispute as a opportunity to compare Pride parades to the Ku Klux Klan. According to George, both the gay liberation movement and the KKK blame the Catholic church as an enemy—huh, imagine that—and want to stop people from attending services.

First off Francine, we do not want to forbid people from going to church—the more people there are in church, the less people there are crowding the good brunch spots, okay?

And second, why you gotta go and compare us to the Klan? We dress waaaay better and we love everybody—something your Church seems to have a problem doing.

Saying that gay Pride reminds you of a KKK rally would be like us saying that the Catholic Church reminds us of the Boy Scouts of America. Except that comparison is apt.

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  • Kev C

    Cardinal George is worse than Adolf Hitler.


  • ChrisC

    Religion is cancer.

  • Ronbo

    When attending, keep a tight hand on your children. I hear that a number of Priests have have raped and sodomized children. Worse, the Catholic church protects the monsters who often repeat their same sick perversions in their next parish.

    I know they all don’t do it; but, how do these guys look themselves in the mirror? Their work for an organization that, were it not a church, would be subject to and closed down by RICO laws.

    I think this kind of rhetoric is merely members of the Catholic church projecting their own thoughts. I hear that is how sociopaths and Republicans operate.

  • Mike UK

    @Ronbo: well said!

  • Joetx

    Leave it to a Fox affiliate to show the more outrageous side of Pride parades.

  • MikeE

    the funny thing is, with the amount of hate coming out of the church’s representatives (and EVERY single priest is, a de facto representative of the Roman Church), the comparison with the Ku Klux Klan would be far more appropriate if it was between the Roman Church and the Klan.

    I wonder if anyone has thought of tossing THAT back into ol’ Francis’ face?

  • AlanReeser

    So a Gay Pride Parade is like the KKK?

    Makes me wonder how many little boys this bigoted, hateful old bastard has fucked…

  • Chad

    Strange, It was the Cities decision to change the route, then when the church complained, the City changed the time. Now the church is saying the gay liberations are making the church look bad….HOW SO???

  • B

    No. 9 · AlanReeser asked, “So a Gay Pride Parade is like the KKK?”

    My guess is that their real issue is that, with all those hot guys going past the church, the priests’ erections would be obvious even with their robes.

    Apparently their argument is that you shouldn’t criticize the Roman Catholic Church even when it is going around criticizing you out of shear bigotry. It’s hypocritical, self-serving garbage on the part of the Roman Catholic Church.

  • GayGOP

    It’s statements like this that caused me to leave the Roman Catholic Church, and join the Episcopal Church. I can still believe in my God…without having to hate myself.

  • Cam

    I wonder if the Catholic Church also thinks that the Attorneys General of the United States is like the KKK and treating them like an enemy by prosecuting them for the systematic rape of children and protecting the criminals who committed those crimes.

  • Joseph

    @MikeE: You don’t even have to go into philosophical fine points like hatred and exclusion of the other to find them a more apt comparision… both the KKK and the Church have men dressed in white robes run their meetings, both of their gatherings feature a prominent display of a large cross, both have a disproportionate number of white attendees, and both are run by men wearing a pointy hat/hood with funny titles (Grand Wizard/His Holiness) who for most or all of their organization’s histories, repectively, were inclined not to use their real name for official duties. Both employ historical revisionism to link themselves to American patriotism, and last but not least, at a gathering of each you’ll find a lot of crackers. ;-)

  • MikeE

    @Joseph: LOL @ “crackers”

  • Gabriel

    I wonder how many pedophiles the good Cardinal has protected over the years.

  • Lucifer

    How dare you ,you potato dick headed fake. The klan REALLY! This monster is so far from god I see hate. Love this site Thanks for bringing us together.

  • Travis

    The Cardinal has a point, many gays are unfortunately as rabidly anti-Catholic as a toothless hillbilly KKK member from the backwoods of Georgia. Just look at some of the comments posted here if you need proof.

  • Kev C

    @Gabriel: Frankly, I wish more straight allies would join the fight against pedophile protecting churches. After all, it is their children that these priests are molesting.

    Instead of calling them churches, we should call them child molestation factories.

  • R.A.


    Don’t you dare.

    They persecute us at every turn. They torment gay children and drive them to suicide. They fight against our having equal rights. They use our tax dollars to discriminate against us. When they were caught up in a pedophile scandal, they tried to blame it on us.

    Gay men are rightly furious with Church. We did not instigate this fight.

  • GUS

    You think he’s a bottom or a top?

  • David Aventura

    Well, considering how racist we gays are, maybe the Archbishop is on to something.

  • Dan

    At least we don’t have to preserve the Vatican any longer.

  • Jim Hlavac

    Odd, the Catholic Church calls us all “intrinsically evil” and “sick” and a major threat to society — and we don’t like them? Why, they positively hate us, and declare it so — while we literally beg them for a nice word and a smidgen of inclusion which they have no intention of giving. Meanwhile, the good Cardinal has a gay nephew, who he says is a “fine man” — and how one can be both a fine man and intrinsically evil at the same time is rather at odds logically. Though, the Church says no gay person can be a member of the church whatsoever, and thus we would seem to be free to say what we wish about them. Then too, we gay folks pay taxes for the streets on which their tax-free churches sit — and thus we have more right to the streets then they do. Now, they don’t want us in their churches, nor on the street, nor even in the nation — and they complain now we don’t like them as they want us gone? Chutzpah, indeed. Sounds more like self-defense on our part, which is fair, no doubt.

    Of course, I always fall back on my Czech Hussite faith, which has been battling the Church since 1415 — and I say the hell to them, as my family has done for 600 years. Oh well, too bad, Cardinal George.– and Merry Christmas — and no how is the reason for the season the scorn and hate spewed by that bunch of men in dresses as they direct at us.

  • the crustybastard

    @Jim Hlavac:

    Yes, being gay is “intrinsically evil” — and don’t forget that parenting as a gay person “does violence to children.”

    They say this, despite the truly monstrous violence to generations of children perpetrated by these bedazzled conjurers and sanctimonious frauds.

    Seriously, the Catholic Church should never, EVER stop apologizing for itself and its enormous crimes against humanity. Yet having no shame itself, it constantly endeavors to shame others.

    What a grotesque, twisted pathology Catholicism is.

  • R.A.

    @David Aventura:

    Exactly what statistics do you have that would show gays are more racist than society as a whole?

    This sounds like more gay self-loathing to justify the archbishop’s despicable comments.

  • Schlukitz


    Considering the source of the comment, I think the KKK should demand an apology. :)

  • Queer Supremacist

    @R.A.: How about all the self-loathing, racist attacks on “white gay men” on this very blog every time a black person is mentioned at all?

    BTW, the KKK today allows Catholics. They deserve one another.

  • Mike Sydney

    @R.A. – You should hang your head in shame that racism in the gay community may be equal to that of society as a whole. That you want statistics to prove that gays are MORE RACIST than society as a whole proves that it is you that suffers from gay self-loathing (and you are extremely defensive).

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