Chicago Archbishop Francis George Compares Pride Parades To KKK Rally

When the leaders at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel found out that the parade route for Chicago’s annual Pride celebration would pass right by their church for the first time in city history, they objected, claiming that 800,000 parade attendees would make it hard for congregants to attend Sunday Mass. Fair enough—so the parade organizers moved the parade’s start time to noon, well after the service concludes.

But then Chicago Archbishop Cardinal Francis George took this small and peaceably resolved dispute as a opportunity to compare Pride parades to the Ku Klux Klan. According to George, both the gay liberation movement and the KKK blame the Catholic church as an enemy—huh, imagine that—and want to stop people from attending services.

First off Francine, we do not want to forbid people from going to church—the more people there are in church, the less people there are crowding the good brunch spots, okay?

And second, why you gotta go and compare us to the Klan? We dress waaaay better and we love everybody—something your Church seems to have a problem doing.

Saying that gay Pride reminds you of a KKK rally would be like us saying that the Catholic Church reminds us of the Boy Scouts of America. Except that comparison is apt.