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Are Familiy Research Council Hacks the Only People Reporters Can Find to Support DADT?

In another media FAIL, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins was invited by CNN to come on to discuss Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, debating the issue with Unfriendly Fire author Nathaniel Frank, a researcher at the anti-DADT Palm Center. And just like yesterday’s bout on MSNBC — where Perkins’ minion Peter Sprigg argued, on national television!, that homosexuality should be criminalized in America — Perkins told television viewers about this “social policy” agenda everyone is trying to sneak past the Pentagon. This is the same man who blamed the Rep. Mark Foley scandal not on a pedophile, but on homosexuality. Stop giving this man, and his hate group, the attention of America.

You could say that the folks arguing for DADT’s repeal, like the Palm Center’s Frank, also are not qualified to speak on the topic — if the criteria for having a hand in the debate is military service, or holding political office. But there is a difference between knowledgeable experts sharing their research and viewpoints on a subject they don’t have first-person experience with, and hate leaders expounding rhetoric.

And even if you won’t believe that argument, then how about the fact that FRC is an “organization dedicated to the promotion of marriage and family and the sanctity of human life in national policy,” which has nothing to do with the military or DADT.

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