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  • Nick

    That is NASTY!

  • jake

    Ugh, this screams douchebag

  • cruiser

    What happened, he used to be in better shape, boy needs to hit the gym & fast cause he is looking a little chunky there. That’ll convince everyone you’re straight…yea right!

  • Freeman

    ….and I wonder why they say some gay men are vapid gym obsessed douches?

  • Miley Crisis

    Actually refreshing to see a dude on here with a somewhat “normal” body.

  • Freeman

    @Miley Crisis: I agree completely.

  • D-Sun

    I think he’s one of the sexiest men on the planet, whether he’s got Chase Crawford’s body or not…Dude just has it.

    I find “perfect” men boring anyway.

  • scott

    Who the hell is this??

  • rogue dandelion

    saying he is closeted- well that is fine
    but using these pictures, that is libelous
    I would sue.

  • derrysf

    I just don’t understand Queerty’s seeming obsession with the sexuality of a marginally talented C-grade tv actor. Boggles the mind the number of postings we’ve endured about this nobody, what gives?

  • JJ

    Ok, so I am now conviced that he is straight. And after looking at these picture, the vaginas can have him.

  • Odsbjorn

    I like a little meat on the bones, but this…keep him, please! Despite having terminal gay face and little or no acting ability, he still manages to get his picture taken.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Is it just me or is she doing all the work and he seems to be trying to get away as fast as he can?

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