Arizona Mulls Gay Marriage Ban

Presidential candidate John McCain’s home state of Arizona may again vote to prohibit gay nuptials. Lawmakers are pushing to put the matter on the ballot this November. Hetero activist Cathi Herrod had this to say: “This amendment is about bringing Arizonans together on an issue enjoying widespread agreement — that marriage is a union of one man and one woman.” Yeah, because putting discrimination into a state constitution really brings people together. Twat. [AP]

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  • emb

    Well, in a way this is good news: Nothing says “republicans in panic!” like the introduction of anti-gay-marriage initiatives right smack in the middle of presidential elections. Plus, the repubs wouldn’t want the annointed to lose his own state, now would they? So what better way to ensure that all the rightwing wackos come out to vote for a candidate they don’t like than to waggle the spectre of gay marriage at them?

  • yucca flower

    There already is a law on the books in Arizona defining marriage as between one man and one woman. It’s been around for decades because of Arizona’s close proximity to Utah and the Mormons. Early state lawmakers found the idea of middle aged men marrying dozens of twelve-year-old girls repulsive and thus did their best to ban it.

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