Arrest Made In Gay-Bash Knifing In NYC McDonald’s

A 44-year-old Bronx man, Keith Patron, has been arrested in conjunction with a gay bashing last week at a McDonald’s in New York’s West Village.

On Wednesday Jamar McLeod, 24, was slashed in the face, neck and back outside the eatery after Patron  hurled anti-gay slurs at McLeod and his girlfriend, Jalisa Griffen, who is transgender.

The encounter started inside, when the assailant eyed Griffen in line for the women’s room. “The guy started calling us faggots, saying he can’t stand gay people,’’ said Griffen. “The insults were directed directly at me. My boyfriend said, ‘This is my girl.’”

The perpetrator,  a 350-pound African-American later identified as Patron, followed them outside and took a swing at McLeod, but missed. Defending himself, McLeod kneed the suspect in the groin and hit him in the face. Patron fell to the ground, but got back on his feet and pulled out a razor.
We’re hoping McLeod is making a speedy recovery—and kudos for flattening a 350-pound bigot.


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  • watching1

    That is really horrible… but I’m not sure what being African American has to do with it. Seriously. We don’t identify every single person by their ethnicity or colour of their skin, do we? I think it’s more effective not to, anyway. The 350lb, however, seems mighty relevant.

  • JOHN 1957

    Not only is it horrible, it’s pathetic of people who feel and act that way towards another human being. It should read; The perpetrator, a 350-pound unhappy gorilla! goes ape shit! This is what drives me bonkers, if you hate gays then what are you doing in our neighborhood? This is the West village, of course it’s gone to hell and down the toilet after 911, but none the less, you come all the way down here for from the Bronx to get your happy meal at Mickey D’s. What happened? they ran out of toys? Back in the 80’s I had two buddies that were over 6ft 5″ tall and we use to go into Central Park (the rambles) after 1 in the morning and bash gay bashers! You know why you come to our turf, your hoping to get some! and you hate your self for doing it, because deep down inside your queerer than any of us could ever be. Hopefully now you go to jail and become a prison bitch, serving cocktails under the name Beulah pronounced BYOO-lah, doing laundry and passed around for sex like a rejected pork butt. How would you feel if someone would do you the same way just because of your skin color, race or religious beliefs. Let’s grow up already. This planet needs an enema.

  • RLS

    It’s kind of interesting that the victim is obviously Black (unless you know some white guys named Jamar), but yet only the race of the perpetrator is mentioned.

    Things that make you go hmmm….

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Patron fell to the ground, but got back on his feet and pulled out a razor.

    What a pussy-ass piece of shit. Can’t fight like a man, so he resorts to weapons. I hope he enjoys the reception he’ll get in jail when the other inmates find out he got his ass kicked by one of us.

  • Aidan8

    Re some of the comments above about race… doesn’t seem wrong to use race when identifying a criminal suspect. We have enough racism to fight… not sure this is an example of racism. Is it gender-bias to describe a criminal suspect as “male” or “female?”

  • ChrisOutFM

    We had a great (but very intense) conversaton about this case and preventing anti-LGBTQ violence on Out-FM last night.

    Trigger warning: A personal story about a gay bashing is shared in detail.

    Jai Dulani from FIERCE! and Sharon Stapel from the New York City Anti-Violence Project came on to discuss the attack and its aftermath. Some of the topics included: the work AVP and FIERCE have been doing in the Village (such as fighting for a 24-hour space for LGBT youth there), alternatives to how the McDonalds bashing could have gone down, how experiences with the police can re-traumatize victims of violence, and what issues are specific to trans people and especially trans people of color. After discussing the gravity of the problem, we tried to keep the conversation focused on positive solutions.


  • dvlaries

    I’ve every instinct that he doesn’t go by ‘Keith,’ but probably some street name like ‘housekey.’ Especially if he’s got a sheet already. Goodbye.


    Keith Patron, for you mother fucker I got just the right caliber gun and built that will cure you from existent. “YOUR DAYS ARE NOMBER”

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