Arrest Made In Gay-Bash Knifing In NYC McDonald’s

A 44-year-old Bronx man, Keith Patron, has been arrested in conjunction with a gay bashing last week at a McDonald’s in New York’s West Village.

On Wednesday Jamar McLeod, 24, was slashed in the face, neck and back outside the eatery after Patron  hurled anti-gay slurs at McLeod and his girlfriend, Jalisa Griffen, who is transgender.

The encounter started inside, when the assailant eyed Griffen in line for the women’s room. “The guy started calling us faggots, saying he can’t stand gay people,’’ said Griffen. “The insults were directed directly at me. My boyfriend said, ‘This is my girl.’”

The perpetrator,  a 350-pound African-American later identified as Patron, followed them outside and took a swing at McLeod, but missed. Defending himself, McLeod kneed the suspect in the groin and hit him in the face. Patron fell to the ground, but got back on his feet and pulled out a razor.
We’re hoping McLeod is making a speedy recovery—and kudos for flattening a 350-pound bigot.