Artistic Vandals Turn Giant Parisian Butt Plug Into Giant Parisian Condom

gyn9sdbsdgxgigeiviuzThe giant inflatable butt plug placed in front of the Place Vendome in Paris as part of an ongoing art fair this month was slashed and deflated by vandals early this morning, a measly two days after it was unveiled.

The giant sculpture was called Tree and was officially a “tree.” However Paul McCarthy, the American artist who created it, is “known for artworks corrupting innocent symbols of youth, from Disney to Hollywood” and has a body of work that includes a giant pile of crap in Hong Kong and a giant gnome holding a butt plug in Rotterdam.

Though it’s unclear who vandalized Tree, police say it was “an unidentified group of people” who “cut the cables which were holding the artwork, which caused it to collapse” when security guards were not looking.

They say FIAC, the art fair managing the piece, decided to fully deflate it to prevent further damage and intend to inflate it again once necessary repairs are made.

h/t Gawker