His attackers yelled “f*ggot” as they beat him. Cops say it’s not a hate crime.


Christian Council, an Oklahoma City-area realtor, has gone public with his account of a brutal homophobic attack that left him hospitalized.

The incident took place early Saturday morning as Council and a friend returned to his apartment complex. Council honked his horn, as another car was blocking his parking space. After the car moved and Council parked, two people approached him.

“When they saw us,” Council told local TV station KFOR, “and saw what we looked like they said ‘oh are you two a couple of-‘ and they used a gay slur. … It was clear that when they could tell my friend and I were gay, or that we appeared to be gay, they knew they could do what they did to me.”

The two proceeded to beat Council until he was “knocked out.” He suffered severe bruising and a concussion from the assault.

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Council also claims the pair yelled anti-gay slurs at him during the whole of the attack. Police omitted that detail from their report, and have thus far declined to treat the attack as a hate crime.

Police identified the two suspects as Amery Dickerson and Bennett Stone. They arrested the pair for misdemeanor assault and battery but released them without booking.

Meanwhile, Jake Langford, a friend of Council,  has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover his medical expenses and to launch a civil case against his two attackers. The statement on the page reads, in part, “Christian also hopes to bring a civil case against his attackers, so we’ve increased the amount in hopes that we can raise money to cover legal fees. Any amount not used will go to a non profit that supports victims of hate crimes.”