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Australia Doesn’t Believe Pakistani Man Seeking Asylum Is Actually Gay

So they denied his request. Australia’s High Court today affirmed the Refugee Review Tribunal’s decision (and rejected a Federal Court’s over-ruling) to reject the 44-year-old Pakistani man’s claim, based in part on the man — identified only as SZMDS, and living in Australia since 2007 — because he was married to a woman and had four children while living in the United Arab Emirates.

The man claimed that while in the UAE he developed an attraction to other men. He began a relationship with another man and eventually a third. The relationship ended after the third man bashed and threatened the other two when confronted over certain issues.

The tribunal was not satisfied SZMDS was in fact homosexual or fearing of persecution. He had returned to Pakistan for three weeks in May-June 2007 and failed to seek asylum when he briefly visited the United Kingdom in 2006.

So just a note to all you fauxmosexuals in the Middle East: If you really want to pass as gay, never sleep with a woman! Because gay men never do that while they’re figuring out their sexuality in an oppressive society.