Austrian Catholic Priest Muzzled For Homophobic, Anti-Muslim Rants

Unbenannt-3aYou know you’re homophobic when even the Catholic Church thinks you’ve gone too far: Austrian priest Karl Tropper, 75, has been forbidden from preaching at Easter Mass because of his repeated comments attacking gays and Muslims.

In various public statements, Tropper (right) has referred to gay people as “homo-deranged” and describes Islam as “pure racism.”

Here’s a recent interview he did with Kleine Zeitung:

You renew a rant every spring against Islam or homosexuals. Recently, you even wrote in the parish bulletin about gay perverts. Why?

KARL TROPPER: They’re perverts. When you can’t say so, you have to go into retirement as a pastor.

Is it right, even in the Church, to proclaim such weird opinions about homosexuality and Islam?

KARL TROPPER: Who will say otherwise, if I do not? All priests should do this. The bishops in Austria and Germany are failures, they haven’t understood what is brewing. In 50 years, Vienna will be a Muslim city, the Votive Church [a large parish near downtown Vienna], a large mosque.

A spokesman for his diocese says the Church won’t abide Tropper’s “unacceptably simplistic and inciting tone” and that it can’t be explained away by the “obstinacy of old age.”

According to the AP, Tropper has now been made to retire from his post at Church of St. Veit am Vogau at the end of August.

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