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It’s a very bad day if your name is Brett Kavanaugh and you like beer

Brett Kavanaugh is once again trending on Twitter after calls for the FBI investigation into his alleged sexual misconduct be reopened. The calls come after the bureau and its director, Christopher Wray, were accused this week of mishandling allegations against Dr. Larry Nasser of molesting and raping Olympic gymnasts.

Earlier this summer it was reported that the FBI received over 4,500 complaints against Kavanaugh, who likes beer and hates LGBTQ people, when it conducted a background check on him in 2018. But instead of looking into those complaints, it closed the investigation after just four days and handed over the findings to the Trump White House.

We all know what happened next.


Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner took to social media this week to demand the Biden White House take the 4,500 complaints and conduct its own investigation.

“Let’s start doing some damn justice,” he said, noting that women in Texas deserve it as do the rest of America.

Here’s what other people are saying…

Kavanaugh’s nomination marked the first time in history that an FBI tip line had to be created for receiving information during a Senate confirmation inquiry. After receiving over 4,500 calls, the FBI spoke to just 10 people before closing its investigation. Neither Kavanaugh nor his accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, were ever interviewed.

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