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  • Ted B.

    Is Barney…
    a. Copping a feel? or,
    b. About to lift the guy’s wallet?

    He’s a politician, probably “b”.

  • Ivars

    Oh leave him be. He deserves a little fun.

  • Black Pegasus


    This proves, that both Gays and Women are attracted to
    Men with POWER, MONEY and INFLUENCE…

    – no matter how old and disgusting they appear.

    Go ahead Barney withcha Bad Self!!

  • L.

    @Ted B.: I think politicians call “b)” a “campaign contribution”.

  • MSZP

    Both the Fire Island crowd and Barney are disgusting.

  • David

    No need to get all Puritanical . . .
    There ain’t a single one of us who doesn’t appreciate the finer points of a hot guy. Let him have his fun.

  • L.

    @Cam: “All the fun of being gay without any of the hassles or struggle.”

    And don’t forget those $1 discounts on ferries! Sah-weeet!

  • B

    Give Barney a break. He probably has arthritis and
    couldn’t get his hand up any higher! Besides, the
    other guy has his hand around Barney’s waist, and
    would be pushing Barney’s hand away if he didn’t want
    it near his butt.

  • Queer Supremacist

    Is Miss Barney re-opening The Best Little Whorehouse in Washington?

  • reason

    @Ted B.: No, he is a politician so it can be answer a) and b)

  • Superman

    Mmmm. Great taste, Barney.

  • Wow

    that picture was NOT at blue whale first of all…

    and i was there for low tea the entire time barney frank hung out with older guys his age that hes been friends with for years….

  • David

    Y’know, that might not even be Barney Frank.
    Can’t really see much from this side.
    Could be almost anyone, really. Lots of guys fit his profile from this side.
    Just sayin’.

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