Barney Frank Got Reamed at the Nat’l Equality March. It Was AWESOME

For an openly gay U.S. representative, Massachusetts’ Barney Frank sure does know how to piss of the homos. That Frank is a pessimist and a crankypanks isn’t new. Neither is his tendency to support things the gay community hates and not support things the gay community likes. But does all that add up to a chance to so publicly rebuke the man? Oh, yes, yes it does. And that’s just what more than one speaker at the National Equality March just did.

It began in earnest when co-organizer Robin McGehee took the stage. After thanking all the necessary parties with Kip Williams, McGehee delivered this message to Frank: “You may say that marches don’t matter. I say that you are out of touch in the seat of power you are clearly enjoying. … This march is not useless by the people that we know are suffering. Our brothers and sisters who are dying from the self-hate, the self-violence, and hate crimes that come from the community and government that will not honor our right to live free and equal in this country. And we are here to use our First Amendment right, Congressman Frank, to speak out against the prejudice that we so want you to speak out against as well.”

But it didn’t end there. When Lady Gaga took the stage, she had our own message for the man who called the National Equality March “useless” and who claimed “the only thing [attendees are] going to be putting pressure on is the grass.”

Said Gaga: “And to Barney Frank, we are putting more than pressure on this grass. And today this grass is ours.”

Them’s a bitchslappin’! Time to officially add Frank next to Obama’s name on the list of inactive gay advocates?