Bay Area Gay Families Not As White, Wealthy As You Think

San Francisco’s gay families defy stereotypes.

While many people imagine same-sex founded families as white and wealthy, a study shows that the majority of the Bay Area’s gays are of color and make considerably less than their straight counterparts, particularly those who live in San Francisco.

A study released Tuesday by a group of Bay Area organizations serving lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender families found that same-sex couples raising children in California are more likely to be people of color and that their median household income is 17 percent lower than the income of married couples with children.

In Alameda and San Francisco counties, the report found, a large proportion of gay and lesbian couples raising children were nonwhite. In addition, 69 percent of same-sex parents were women. Those two factors could help explain why same-sex families have lower incomes, Appel said, because women and people of color earn less on average.

The median household income for people in Alameda clocks in at $70,000. The rich kids in San Francisco, meanwhile, rake in an estimated $83,000. Life can be so unfair!

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  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    Thank you for the demographic information. The Canadian numbers look very much alike.

    A major difference for us is the growing number of gay men who are marrying legally and starting their families. Many of these families go one income for at-home parent….while many look for flex hours in order to have someone home at all hours with the child(ren). It is not equal to the lesbian families, but it is growing in non-proportional numbers.

    Thank God that California allows for dual parent adoption even if RDP’s are the best level of lesser rights available to gay and lesbian families.

    We are together for 31 years and have a four- five in January young son. He was born in 2003, the same year that we were finally legally married. After all, there has never anyone born out of wedlock in our respective families. LOL

  • jhype

    Yeah, but Alameda County does not = San Francisco. Alameda County is a lot more socioeconomically diverse than their friends across the bay. Much of the population is centred in Oakland, which is a far cry from San Francisco city/county. But yay anyway.

  • matt123

    Who think gay must be wealthy?
    It’s just sex orientation. We can find many gays on line, such as Not everyone is rich people.

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