Behold this South African rugby captain autographing and slapping a male fan’s butt

Siya Kolisi
Danie Nel Photography /

An unidentified rugby fan left a recent Springboks game with autographed swim briefs — and, perhaps, a hand-shaped mark on his butt cheek — after a close encounter with South African rugby captain Siya Kolisi.

After the South Africa national rugby union team’s 30-15 victory over Scotland in Edinburgh earlier this month, Kolisi, the first Black man to captain the team, signed and then slapped a man’s butt, as The South African reports.

The fan was wearing the same South African flag swim briefs that Kolisi’s teammate Faf de Klerk wore when he met Prince Harry in the locker room following the Rugby World Cup two years ago. (Let the slash fan-fiction commence.)

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Anyway, after the match in Edinburgh, Kolisi hopped a fence, popped a squat behind the bent-over fan, signed the man’s briefs, and then gave his admirer what a Redditor described as a “perfectly satisfying” slap on the butt. Then the two men shared a quick hug, before Kolisi returned to the field and the smiling fan returned to the stands.

On Reddit, commenters raved over the interaction. “I’m South African, and I can’t tell you how much I love this video,” one woman wrote. “Within my lifetime, we’ve gone from a country where I couldn’t hug a Black person in public without risking the life of that Black person to having a Black captain of our rugby team and then slap a white dude’s ass in public and everyone loving it. There are issues in this country, sure, but moments like this show amazing growth in 30-plus years.”

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Another person, meanwhile, simply said it was “strangely the most wholesome post I’ve seen on Reddit today.”