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Benedict Cumberbatch Explains Why There’s No Sex In His Biopic Of Gay Hero Alan Turing

The_Imitation_Game_Set_benedict_cumberbatch3His sexuality is something contained that is expressed in the film but not shown explicitly. There is no heterosexuality expressed in the film. So what we show in his behavior is sadly true to his story. He had to suppress his sexuality, make it private, make it something secret. When he talks about his sexuality in the film it shows his complete honesty, guilelessness, innocence. He was aware of the risks but at the same time wasn’t willing to cave in to the intolerance and potential permutations of confessing such a thing. Some people own him as martyr or as standard-bearer for a cause. I think he was just very true to himself, which is a form of martyrdom, but he didn’t make a political statement out of it.”


Benedict Cumberbatch explaining to NME why the sexual orientation of WWII codebreaker Alan Turing, who was eventually chemically castrated for being gay, doesn’t figure into his new biopic The Imitation Game