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Benham Brothers teach Christians how to end same-sex marriage in America

Hey, Christians; you tawdry fools — all this time, you’ve been thinking about light in the completely wrong way.

Eerie Jesus-hounds The Benham Brothers recently spoke at the 20th anniversary Gala for the fervidly right-wing webpage LifeSiteNews, teaching the audience how to look at light in the right way.

“The only way darkness prevails is when the light is turned off,” says one of the twin brothers — either Jason or David; there’s interchangeably incomprehensible.

“I don’t open a closet door and all the darkness from the closet come and fill the room. It’s the light from the room fills the closet… and we, as people of faith, have to look inward first and say ‘okay, we’ve got gay marriage, okay we’ve got abortion on demand, we’ve got rampant perversion….’ We’re deconstructing the image of God at every level of society… It’s gotten begin here first [points to self]. We’ve gotta look in first!”

That’s right — ending marriage equality begins by looking inward.

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Later on, Jason tells Christians they must become like “coal” so they can “burn brightly” for Jesus. Because, see, the “wind of culture is blowing” in an attempt to extinguish all the pretty Christian lights.

They somehow manage to tie every strand of this gobbledegook back to when home improvement network HGTV canceled their reality show for being, in the parlance of Right Wing Watch, “antigay, anti-Choice extremists.”

“Do you know how God gets the light that’s inside of you out into the world?” Jason asks.

“He puts you in situations and around people in certain contexts where the devil is trying to extinguish your light. And the very act of the devil blowing as hard as he can to extinguish your light will actually ignite the light that’s already inside of you.”

After all their talk about the darkness of closets and how the devil wants to blow you as hard as he can, The Benham Brothers dutifully teach the audience what a “man trap” is, and how not to fall into a “man trap.”

Watch their speech in the below videos:

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  • Ummmm Yeah

    If they gay sites didn’t report on these idiots what kind or reach would they actually have? Hundreds? Maybe a few thousand? You are making them into something bigger than they are.

    • ChrisK

      Yes. Us and the crazy rubes (lifesite). They’re preaching to their quire who already believe the same BS.

    • Ummmm Yeah

      You didn’t hear the first thing out of Ann Coulter during the last election because the left wasn’t reporting on her. The right soon forgot about her. Then idiots used threats and violence to keep her from speaking to what could have been an empty audience at Berkeley. Now she’s all over the national news again. Great job.

    • pudman56

      Do they explain how all this works when God doesn’t exist, never has. He’s probably the best character in Genesis, but then that was The Greatest Story Ever Told. I actually “enjoyed” reading the Old Testament for that very reason, it really is a great story, but that’s all it is is a story so I’m not worried about them or what their beliefs are.

      Why is it so hard for some people to understand that under the worst of conditions, i.e. the Trump administration, America is very much a populous of live and let live as long as you let me be country.

  • ChrisK

    I just looked at the Lifesite site. Talk about loony toons.

  • Smith David

    Oh queerty! I understand your obsession with hot white men. But really, these two? Please stop featuring them.

  • Josh447

    Have pity. Cute AND Stupid is a deadly mix. Anita Bryant is still eating face pie and lost her OJ gig. These dorks lost their TV show. They’re just scanning for straws out of resentment at their own dire stupidity. Hey they hypnotically obey that god thingamejig, that backed slavery and beatings and/or death to non “believers.” They have a little on their plates. They could stop that insanity and see “the light” that human sexuality isn’t what they thought, anytime. “Let’s pray for them” or best yet focus our thoughts on these kittens, that they get educated out of the violent dark ages of disinformation.

  • good1bl

    They look like they smoke meth when they commit twincest.

  • irbaboon

    christians are such jerks

  • Josh447

    That was a great story of how they got canned on vid 2. They are suckin sawdust.

  • Phillip

    Perhaps these two closet queens should mind their own business regarding gay marriage. It’s none of their business who marries whom and why are they so interested or rather fixated in the gay life that they are constantly talking about it and wanting to deny rights to gays unless it bothers them so much because it attracts them and they cannot stand that. They would rather have gays and our lives removed so it doesn’t tempt them.

    These two closet cases need to be flushed out of their closets and exposed for the frauds that they truly are.

  • GayEGO

    It is amazing how these looney tunes still exist! It is a good thing intelligence and educations are winning in America, that is why we have been advancing toward equality for all!

  • Daniel-Reader

    Jesus is standing in the corner saying “I don’t know what they’re babbling on about. These nutters don’t speak for me. Love your neighbor as yourself.”

  • pudman56

    I wasn’t familiar with these nut jobs before this article, and I’ll forget all about them as soon as I’m done with this post.

  • tdh1980

    Queerty, I don’t want to see another post about these two until they’re finally outed for the brother-f*cking perverts they are. These non-motherf*cking-factors need not be given attention otherwise.

  • silveroracle

    Why would I want to watch their YouTube videos?
    That’s giving them what they want…viewers!
    Use your brain for gods sake.

  • PinkoOfTheGange

    One would think that a couple of contractors could install a light in a closet with a jam switch so when they opened the darn thing it wouldn’t steal light from the room.

  • Jack Meoff

    I agree with all the comments above that Queerty should stop reporting on these two but I suggest that the better way to make our feelings known about not promoting them is to stop opening and reading the articles. Once they stop getting clicks for these articles maybe they will stop posting them. This is the last article I will open relating to these net jobs.

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