Looking Back 2017

Best of entertainment 2017: The triumph of diversity and the sad ending of ‘Sense8’

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Most tragic offing of queer-themed show: Sense8

Lana Wachowski loves to make headlines.

Between the lesbian noir thriller Bound, the runaway phenomenon of the Matrix movies, the disaster of Jupiter Ascending or becoming one of the first high-profile Hollywood celebrities to undergo gender transition (a move followed by sibling Lily), Wachowski has become something of a visionary, if unpredictable institution.

Critics didn’t know what to make of Sense8, the Netflix series she co-created with sister Lily and Oscar-nominated sci-fi writer J. Michael Straczynski. The series itself, about a diverse group of 8 people psychically connected, attracted a strong fanbase. Hungry fans gobbled up the second season in 2017, only to meet with a bit of indigestion: Netflix canceled the series not long after its season 2 debut. A porn site actually offered to fund a third season for Netflix, something the streaming giant declined.

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Needless, to say, fans just about rioted. Netflix never seemed comfortable with the show, which featured shocking violence and graphic scenes of full-frontal nudity during psychic orgies. If the show’s concentration on worldwide psychic connections played as something of a metaphor for the Internet though, Lana proved her prescient gifts yet again. Fan outrage actually inspired Netflix to green light a wrap-up movie, designed to bring closure to the show’s ongoing storylines. Call that a win for the good guys.

Still, the Wachowskis and Straczynski had wanted Sense8 to run five seasons, and with television still struggling with the diversity issue, the series offered a breath of fresh air. The conclusion film deserves mention as a win for fans, but the loss of the show in coming years can only be labeled a tragedy.

Sense8, we hardly knew ye…or the many sights of gorgeous flesh you loved to provide.