Sources Claim Staph Undid Designer

Biased Boot On ‘Runway’?

Spoiler alert!

Anonymous sources claim one of Project Runway‘s many gay stars, Jack Mackenroth, got booted after developing an HIV Staph infection. Mackenroth, who will be making a cameo in the Sex and The City movie, claims otherwise.

One snitch tells Gatecrasher Mackenroth told them he gets booted in the fifth episode after developing the infection:

He is saying he got kicked off not because he lost a challenge, but because he got a ‘staph’ infection and said his face blew up like the kid from Mask.

That would have to be a pretty nasty infection.

Mackenroth, meanwhile, told Bravo he didn’t spill the unsavory beans. A flack sent out “his words”: “People will say things about me whether they know me or not. Those were not my words and are fictitious.” We’ll just have to wait until episode five to find out…