Keeping It Small

Black Conservative Summit To Focus On “Extreme Homosexual Lobby”

If you happen to be in St. Charles, IL, at the end of August,  you may want to drop on in and say “Hi” to the folks at the Black Conservative Summit. Given that President Obama won 93% of the African-American vote last year, it’s not likely to be a huge gathering, but the conference will feature all the homophobia you can stomach.

The purpose of the conference is “defending the natural family,” which is under assault from “over dependence on, such things as welfare programs and unnecessary government interference.” Oh, and of course, the ” increasingly extreme homosexual lobby’s aggressive attempts to redefine both the God-ordained origin and purpose of the family.” Otherwise known as the law of the land.

But not in Illinois, a fact that the group celebrates in its promotional video. “On May 31, a new coalition of Americans stood against the effort to legalize gay marriage in Illinois, and it failed, but the fight for the soul of America did not end there.” The group promises to train activists to continue the fight against marriage equality, along with “black genocide” (AKA a woman’s right to choose) and “Uncle Sam’s Plantation” (AKA the federal safety net).

The summit is being sponsored by some of the usual right-wing suspects, including the Heritage Foundation and the World Congress of Families. Rep. Peter Roskam has agreed to appear at the conference. Not surprisingly, Roskam rates a zero from the Human Rights Campaign. It’s the same rating the summit deserves.

Photo Credit: BCS Facebook page