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Black Conservative Summit To Focus On “Extreme Homosexual Lobby”

If you happen to be in St. Charles, IL, at the end of August,  you may want to drop on in and say “Hi” to the folks at the Black Conservative Summit. Given that President Obama won 93% of the African-American vote last year, it’s not likely to be a huge gathering, but the conference will feature all the homophobia you can stomach.

The purpose of the conference is “defending the natural family,” which is under assault from “over dependence on, such things as welfare programs and unnecessary government interference.” Oh, and of course, the ” increasingly extreme homosexual lobby’s aggressive attempts to redefine both the God-ordained origin and purpose of the family.” Otherwise known as the law of the land.

But not in Illinois, a fact that the group celebrates in its promotional video. “On May 31, a new coalition of Americans stood against the effort to legalize gay marriage in Illinois, and it failed, but the fight for the soul of America did not end there.” The group promises to train activists to continue the fight against marriage equality, along with “black genocide” (AKA a woman’s right to choose) and “Uncle Sam’s Plantation” (AKA the federal safety net).

The summit is being sponsored by some of the usual right-wing suspects, including the Heritage Foundation and the World Congress of Families. Rep. Peter Roskam has agreed to appear at the conference. Not surprisingly, Roskam rates a zero from the Human Rights Campaign. It’s the same rating the summit deserves.

Photo Credit: BCS Facebook page

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  • Fitz

    The LAST thing I am going to take seriously is AA men
    talking about family values. Keep your own backyard clean.
    Figure out who your baby mama is, consider staying, and take care of your kids
    before you worry about who I fuck.

  • macmantoo

    They better be careful. Go to the wrong neighborhood with a hoodie and they might just get shot.

  • Scribe38

    @Fitz: You are just as offensive as they are. There are a number of ways you could have went after them (history of their minority group being denied rights, failed GOP policies, etc) yet you choose to attack them using race baiting behavior. You might as well go and join them for all the hate you have just put into the conversation.

  • Scribe38

    @Fitz: Your comment paints all black people with the same brush, the same way if they said all gay men are deviant sluts with HIV. You hide behind your computer screen saying something you would never have the balls to say to my face or any other “scary” black male. Personally I care as much about what these idiots say as I give a fuck about GOP proud

  • Fitz

    I’m ok with that. I am totally over turning the other cheek and
    being PC about a culture that sucks at family-life, but puts m family down.
    You can be PC doormats all you want.

  • Scribe38

    @Fitz: spoken like every of bitter member of the KKK. Your comments do nothing for the gay cause unless offending every black person somehow reduces GOP hatred of gays (well at least he ain’t black caucus). You are Internet coward dude, who is afraid of black people let alone say anything to their face.

  • MK Ultra

    Well, well.. it would seem that Gay is the new Jew.
    We have becomes everyone’s favorite punching bag to blame everything on.

    “It’s gays’ fault I’m short”… “It’s gays’ fault my wife left me”… “It’s gays’ fault I smoked all my life and now have cancer”.
    Yes, apparently we’re also responsible for anything terrible that has happened throughout history or ever will happen.
    I think that pretty much sums up the right-wing point of view, whether they be black, white, orange, blue, mor(m)on, christian, tall, short, etc…

  • Kangol

    They all need to come out of the closet and deal with their homophobia. Just leave the rest of us alone while they’re at it.

  • Eiswirth

    I don’t understand how a person of color can align him or herself with a party that despises them and is working nonstop to keep them from voting. Even if you’re a wealthy black man or woman and believe in their tax proposals, you’ve got to know they don’t have your best interests at heart. I get the ignorance that accompanies religious-based hatred of homosexuals; that’s prevalent among all races and religions. But not the association with the GOP. Baffling.

  • Scribe38

    @Eiswirth: I agree totally. I don’t get it either. I just put them in the same boat as gays who vote GOP. Maybe self-hate? The thought that they can somehow escape their social economic class if they just carry the 1%’s water long enough. Maybe they don’t understand that they will always viewed as other.

  • Deepdow

    They want the good old days when gays were stigmatized, hidden away, beaten, murdered, or lobotomized. Not wanting that makes gay people extreme apparently.


  • Daniel-Reader

    It is appalling how conservatives support the Right to Rape – because they are making it impossible for rape victims to abort unwanted pregnancies after rape. So if your mom, sister, aunt, neice, or daughter is raped in places like Texas, then Republicans are forcing them to carry it. How many straight guys realize that if some big assailant rapes their wife, they are going to have to watch their wife carry the rapist’s offspring to term and add it to their family?

  • Cam

    So lets see, a group of “Straight” men who want to get together and discuss the problem with the radical gay agenda.

    Sorry, but this is an excuse for a lot of closet cases having sex. Actual straight men don’t spend every minute of every day worrying about gays.

  • hf2hvit

    Probably half of them are on the DOWNLOW

  • Joetx

    @Scribe38: ITA. Fitz is as big a jerk as these folks are.

    And Fitz, it’s not about being “PC.” It’s about being a decent human being.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    From an artistic point of view, their logo is disturbing. Perhaps they’ll burn pink triangles on the lawns of gay people.

  • Akeim

    @Eiswirth: Just as easily as the the log cabin republican align them selves with the GOP

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