Black Lips’ New Video Contains No Guys Kissing Or Gay Preachers, But It Could Have

You music gays know Black Lips already. But for the rest of you, here are some facts:

  • They’re from Atlanta.
  • They’ve released six albums, the most recent titled Arabia Mountain (on Vice Records). They’re sort of the band of the moment, but they worked to get there. That’s how it should be.
  • Vocalist Jared Swilley’s father, Atlanta megachurch pastor Jim Swilley, came out as gay. Surprisingly, unlike most powerful pastors revealing their homosexuality, it didn’t involve scandal and he seems like a nice guy.
  • The band’s stage shows can involve man-on-man makeoutery, nudity, peeing, fire and fighting. (Swilley did once call a fellow rocker he was fighting a “faggot,” but he later apologized and smooched on gay blogger Zach Rosen.)
  • They were bounced out of India, and the rest of their tour canceled, for their stage antics.  Vice‘s VBS made a mini-documentary about it that you can watch here.
  • And, getting to the point of this post, they have a great new video for the Arabia Mountain track “New Direction.” (That’s the one up top.) Whether they’re Glee fans or not is up for speculation.