Lack Of Kids Brings Lucrative Gigs?

Blue Collar Lesbians Make More Than Gays

Women have traditionally made less than men in the work place. In Gayville, however, things get a little topsy-turvy. A report from the University of New Hampshire suggests that working class lesbians make more than their gay male counterparts:

Gay men working in management and traditional blue-collar, male-dominated jobs make less than straight men because they are discriminated against by their employers, according to new research released today by the University of New Hampshire Whittemore School of Business and Economics.

Lesbians, however, do not experience similar discrimination in the labor market.

According to the authors, gay men who live together earn 23 percent less than married men, and 9 percent less than unmarried heterosexual men who live with a woman.

One of the reasons lesbians may make more money, says the study, is because they tend not to have children and employers perceive them to be more dedicated.