Bob Vander Plaats Doesn’t Want To Be Associated With Every Anti-Gay Position Ever Taken

Bob Vander Plaats, the smiling bigot behind the campaign to remove all Iowa Supreme Court justices, is the president and CEO of something called The Family Leader. It’s as anti-gay and anti-family as its name fails to suggest. The Family Leader, in turn, is the parent of the Iowa Family Policy Center, whose head Chuck Hurley last year claimed gay marriage was a bigger threat than smoking. But Vander Plaats, in a presser with bed buddy Tim Pawlenty, insists he has nothing to do with that take on America’s leading health problems. See, Vander Plaats only makes reasonable statements about same-sex marriage, like how the Iowa Supreme Court’s legalization of it means “every one of your freedoms is up for grabs.” Notes Jeremy Hooper, the Good As You blogger who’s been tailing Vander Plaats’ anti-gay efforts, “Did Bob Vander Plaats personally know about the seminars? WHO THE FRICK CARES?!?! The Family Leader is not a Vander Plaats vanity project! He was running for governor (the ousting judges) before he fully came on board the IFPC’s efforts, so he may not have had expressed knowledge of the effort. But the organization did! The same organization and staff that is now operating under The Family Leader umbrella. The same organization and staff THAT IS STILL PUSHING THE SECND HAND EFFECTS SERIES IN ITS E-BLASTS!!!!!!!!”