So bad it's great

This bonkers new gay dating show has wrestling & a genderqueer host

In the past when gay, bi and trans people have wanted to see their romantic lives portrayed in reality TV, they’ve had to turn to ho-hum programs like Finding Prince Charming, Fire Island or The A-List, all of which feature mostly white, cisgender casts of identical muscle hunks.

But the upcoming reality dating show, Zeus TV’s Tito Do You Love Me, skewers the conventions of reality TV romance and then sets them on fire in a hilariously fresh way.

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The show stars Kway, a Instagram comedian with over 3.7 million followers, playing the role of Titi Mayweather, a dramatic, ratchet mess of a fabulous party girl who’s looking for love.

Titi Do You Love Me, gay reality dating show, Kway

But instead of having a bunch of muscle-clones, Titi Do You Love Me features numerous black men, including a large-bodied guy and a little person who proudly proclaims, “She ain’t never been with somebody like me before.”

Before the end of its absolutely bonkers trailer (below), the big guy and little dude end up fighting in a wrestling ring, two other muscle hunks go at it in their underwear and Titi goes on a full-scale drunken freakout, punching one of her suitors before her friend calls an ambulance.

It’s obviously just a dating show parody rather than the real thing, but considering the racial and bodily diversity and the dramatic fireworks, we can’t wait to watch when it debuts on Nov. 4, 2018.

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