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  • Brandon H

    I’m so glad I didn’t watch this show. I understand some people are entitled attention whores and they can be entertaining to watch, but this shit just looked frustrating.

  • Ray

    If I have to burn the entire god damn city of Dallas and Logo to the ground to stop a second season I will. This show is disgusting. While the New York version could be trashy fun like the Real Housewives this fucking Dallas show was nothing but GoProud republican propaganda.

  • Sully

    As a Dallasite, please tell me where these people hang around so i can avoid them like the plague.

  • Nick

    Trash is as trash does.

  • Mike

    @Sully: Why, you’re in luck! They published an article with all their “hot spots” to catch cold sores a couple of days ago!

  • Art

    The name of the show should change to Levi and his harem……..this boys are so pathetic!…. Really Levi… I guess there are a no gay men in Texas. … Again what is wrong with this three…. How low a selfsteam you have to have to put up with sharing man like that…

  • Roman

    Queerty, did you not get the note? No one’s watching the show. There’s a thin line between stupid entertainment and demonic, homophobic trash. A-List Dallas leaps across it, then claims they were pushed.

  • Zeus

    I saw half an episode of this show for the first time yesterday, and it’s not an embarrassment to gay men…it’s an embarrassment to human kind.

  • Christopher

    Oh, grow up. Everyone who commented here just ‘can’t get enough’ of the Dallas boys. (or, you’d just shut up?) I watched the whole season and spent most of it cringing. But, it was still way more fun than that New York bunch.

  • Ed Alvarez

    I love the show and can’t wait for next season. It’s juicy! A List New York starts in January!

  • Owen

    @Christopher: I completely agree. I didn’t hate these boys as much, actually sorta enjoyed their company at times. Except for my Rodiney’s hilarious ramshackle attempts at the English language, there was something awful about everyone and everything on the NY A List, I surprisingly didn’t feel that way about the Dallas boys.

  • kitty litter

    Levi’s a bottom. What a surprise.

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