Boxer Manny Pacquiao Banned From The Grove, Denies Anti-Gay Rant

Welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao took a tumble this week when he attacked marriage equality and cited the biblical death penalty for homosexual relations, in article with the right-wing National Conservative Examiner.

As a result, Pacquiao has been banned from the Grove shopping mall in Los Angeles, where the entertainment-news show Extra is filmed. Grove owner Rick J. Caruso tweeted “Boxer Manny Pacquiao is not welcome at @TheGroveLA. @TheGroveLA is a gathering place for all Angelenos, not a place for intolerance.”

In his interview with the Inquisitor, the boxer—who’s also a right-wing congressman in his native Philippines—is quoted as saying “God only expects man and woman to be together and to be legally married,” and that same-sex unions “adulterate the altar of matrimony.” The article also quoted Leviticus 20:13—”If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman… they must be put to death,” leading many to believe Pacquiao was advocating violence against the LGBT community.

The author of the Inqusitor article, Granville Ampong, has since clarified it was he who included the biblical reference, not Pacquiao.

In a post on his website, Pacquiao says he was misrepresented: “I didn’t say that, that’s a lie. I didn’t know that quote from Leviticus because I haven’t read the Book of Leviticus yet.”

He did however, affirm that “same-sex marriage is against the law of God.”

Even though he hasn’t read the Bible.

In other news, 50 Shades of Grey says people with hazel eyes are the spawn of the Devil.

Photo: Frederick Manligas Nacino

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  • hunter

    Common queerty, if you’re gonna do an update or a follow up on yesterdays hot topic
    then why not post the whole story. The overzealous “journalist” who interviewed Pacquiao admitted that he was the one who added the Leviticus line,and none of the murderous words came out of Pacquiao’s mouth. He might be very religious but he’s not insane.

    This website is quick to find dirt about him and update the story but when this whole controversy is proven false we get nothing.

  • Belize

    Finally. It’s about time somebody puts this man in his place. It’s about time for this man to realize that his bigotry, stupidity and self-righteousness is not something that the whole of the world is willing forgive just because he’s a good boxer.
    In the Philippines, he spews a lot of hypocrisy. When the feminists, LGBT supporters and health care specialists tried to push for a reproductive health bill that would allow the government to allot a measure of funds for sex education and the provision of contraception to Filipinos, this asshole actually had the gull to be the poster boy of the church-fueled conservative movement that opposed that bill–EVEN THOUGH HIS WIFE USES CONTRACEPTION. He said that contraception is an affront to God.
    Also, he kept saying that the Philippines was not over-populated because there are a lot of islands that are not fully populated. The imbecile failed to realize that the problem was not the number of people but rather the number of people per family. Now I love the Philippines because there are people there who kind and compassionate. But this does not change the fact that a great number of them know little about reproductive health. There are families in the country, especially in the provincial areas where Pacquiao lived who have 11 children despite the fact that their parents are incapable of raising them.
    As for being a congressman, there has been an instance wherein an important notion needed to be voted upon but he was absent because he was training for a boxing match.
    Of course, I wouldn’t blame the entire Philippine population for his election. A small patch of land was responsible for it though. Now it is affecting the whole of the country. It was such an irresponsible decision on their part.

  • Kev C

    The law of God is in Leviticus. It’s the only place in the Bible that states the law for homosexuality. Sodom and Gomorrah is not specifically about homosexuality. God’s main judgement against Sodom and Gomorrah was for their arrogance, unfriendliness to travellers, and apathy towards the poor.

  • Mike

    He cheats on his wife.

    F#ck him.

  • Seth

    Loser. Plain and Simple. No one takes him seriously anyway, and he’ll soon learn the consequences of his actions when he keeps being shunned from all the places he used to patron. The gays are a powerful bunch. Fuck with us and experience the wrath of God, fucker.

  • Brandon

    So he doesn’t have anything against the gay community except for the concept of same sex marriage because of his religion or whatever. It doesn’t mean he’s a homophobe. There’s a good percentage of gay friendly folks out there who believes that we deserve equal rights and protection who shares his views when it comes to marriage. That journalist who took the liberty to add the bible verse should be fired and Manny should sue him for libel and defamation. So yeah I think it’s irresponsible journalism Queerty not to publish the retraction. I think your contributing to character assassination of Pacquiao by turning a blind eye on that important fact.

  • Cam

    @Brandon: said…. “So he doesn’t have anything against the gay community except for the concept of same sex marriage because of his religion or whatever. It doesn’t mean he’s a homophobe. ”


    Oh gee, and he doesn’t have anything against black people, he just doesn’t think they should get married. Oh, and he doesn’t have anything against women…he just thinks they shouldn’t vote.

    Give me a break. Your comment is a woman talking about how much her husband loves her even though he beats her.

  • Spike

    @hunter: Updating the story to involve such minor facts as the fact that he didn’t say it and the journalist has admitted as such, doesn’t serve Queerty’s high journalist integrity with respect to fanning the flame of this story. Sure the guy is a homophobe but lets leave the false reporting to Fox News.

  • 1equalityUSA

    Little man. Big hate.

  • Good grief

    He did enough, even if he didn’t go as far as to quote that verse. Asshole.

    Hopefully he’ll lose his lucrative advertising sponsorships with U.S. companies like H.P.

  • Mike In Cleveland

    @Brandon: Are you paid to post items on this site to generate more comments (i.e. traffic) or are you really this much of a fool?

    you can’t split hairs when it comes to being for or against the LGBT community.

    if you’re against gay marriage, then you’re against the LGBT community- that’s it.

    there’s no middle ground on this one. It’s like saying, I’m for Christians practicing their faith and all but they can’t worship in a public school…oh wait, that’s discrimination isn’t it? Isn’t that what you would claim? That we would be showing our anti-Faith intolerance?

    So with that in mind- if some of us are reportedly anti-Christian for not signing onto all things that Christians want to do in the public sphere, then you’re intolerant of the LGBT community because you don’t want us to get married.

  • 1equalityUSA

    His mustache doesn’t do a thing for him–Looks anatomically female. I have never heard of this turd.

  • Chad

    Why didn’t my last comment post?

  • Clockwork

    >Why didn’t my last comment post?

    Probably because it made sense.

  • shannon


  • Jenny

    Seriously. People are quick to judge Pacquiao (even if he quoted the bible) when he’s just telling the truth based on his belief and no one seems to give a crap about lady gaga lashing the Christian faith in her music videos. People just don’t understand where he’s coming from. I’m a Christian and I TOTALLY understand him. Media should be responsible with what regards to the stories they post. Adding stuffs just to show someone in a bad light? Now that’s an asshole.

  • 1equalityUSA

    Jenny, this boxer didn’t even read the Bible from which he formed his opinion. Jesus never said one word about gays the entire time He was on the planet. Jesus never talked about gays, nor are gays mentioned in the Ten Commandments, nor in the Summary of the Law. No prophet expounds upon gays. It really wasn’t that concerning in early churches. Being judgmental is the worse offense. That’s spoken of so often that it would seem to be the more important lesson for us. I understand this twit’s concern. Jesus must not have shared this concern, as He never spoke about gays. (Never.)

    Much has been learned about how the human psyche and physiological effects can alter one’s sexuality. Perhaps, all knowing Jesus was so quiet about this subject because He saw what rabbinical Paul (Saul) could not see. People have always been gay and always will be. It’s not unusual. When we leave these temporal bodies, flesh will cease, gender will cease, the only thing we will have will be a spirit, defined by how we treated others. Love endures. You’ve been commanded to love, not point fingers in judgment. The mercy you’ve shown to others will be meted out to you accordingly. This boxer has no business judging others, especially when he is so Biblically illiterate.

  • hunter

    Let just get the Leviticus line out of the way because he never quoted it. Pacquiao like the majority of Catholics have been tought from the very beginning that homosexuality is a sin. From Church leaders all the way to the head of the Vatican, it doesnt matter if the word gay never appeared in the bible. They respect and trust their leaders. Religion is a powerful thing and for this man it’s above everything else. But Manny unlike some hardcore Catholics knows and acknowledges that we are born the way we are. That it’s not a choice or a disease that can be cured.Pacquiao’s view about gay marriage and our rights is not far from what the President had until about a couple a weeks ago. Obama’s opinion evolved apparently and who’s to say his won’t. Nobody called Obama a bigot or a homophobe when he said he’s for civil union and opposes gay marriage back in 2008. Nobody petitioned Oprah to drop her endorsement of Obama when he said that. Not everyone is going to be 100% on board with us right from the start. Sometimes it could take a couple of days, weeks, months, 3 1/2 years or a decade for someone’s opinion about this matter to evolve.

  • 1equalityUSA

    It also says in the Bible not to worship idols. That huge, fat crucifix he dons on his sternum is idolatry. What a potato.

  • jenli

    Manny is entitled to express his opinion.What he said about same sex marriage is based from the Bible. Manny is a Christian and he is just preaching what he learned! The bottom line is, It is a free world, gays can do what they want to do and so Manny can express what he thinks is right. So why banned him? Manny no need for you to apologize. What you said is right…

  • 1equalityUSA

    Jenli, Even if Christ Himself told you that gays are born this way and that’s why He never spoke of it, you still would cling to your prejudice and cloak your hatred in Scripture.

  • Monty Cogwell

    Why do his religious beliefs get him kicked out of a mall?…Seriously? So anyone in the world who disagrees with the morality of man to man sex can’t enter that mall? lol wwwwwooowwwww.

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