Boy Culture Gets To The Heart of Hustling

If you’re not excited about Boy Culture, you should be. Adapted from Matthew Rettenmund‘s novel of the same name, the film concerns a hustler, X (played by Derek Magyar) who falls for his roomies, including Darryl Stevens of Noah’s Ark fame.

Naturally the fact that he’s a rent boy causes some problems of the romantic variety. Emotions are strained, lessons are learned and love is found. Pretty groovy, no?

If you’re not convinced, check out the trailer after the jump.
The flick doesn’t come out until March 23. You can bide your time by poking our the film’s website.

(Also, can we just say that we really want Stevens to officially come out of the closet. Seriously, he only plays gay characters. He’s either a brilliant actor or has a little experience.)

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  • Rowen

    Didn’t I see this in a porn? and an episode of Queer as Folk? Change one of their genders and you pretty much have Will and Grace, only . . . with better writing.

    Not that I mind looking at pretty people, but honestly, can we PLEASE have gay films that aren’t depressing AIDS flicks, unfunny rom/coms with bad writing/acting, or soft-core angst porn where hot studs get told major life lessons by unattractive, chubby older men who’ve “been there/done that.”

    Based on straight films, though, that just leaves us with bad gay themed action films and poorly written gay themed blacksplotation films. .

  • nystudman

    Um, sorry, Queerty, but this totally makes me want to so not see this movie. Stories about hustlers are like storeis about writers: endleslly fascinating to themselves, but utterly cliched and boring to the rest of us. Eh,it’s just another JOB.

  • Martin

    Amen, Rowen. Please, gay writers/filmmakers/artists, no more fucking stories about damn hustlers.

  • Alan

    It was a crappy book and looks like it made a movie of equal quality. I am so sick of the constant bombardment of images that older gay men (30 or over) need to pay for their sex. ‘Tain’t so boyz.”

  • Rob

    Listen, this was the best gay novel I have ever found — well written, funny, sexy, current, you name it. I defy anyone to find one better in the last 10 years. Hopefully, the movie will do it justice, but unless you’ve read the book and understand that hustling is totally not the point, and the character grows to accept that, let’s support the author and the movie. Congratulations, Matthew!

  • stephen

    my lord… trashing a film without even seeing it. I just checked and the critics are 100% loving the film. (I mean literally 100% – all of them). So kids, let’s watch the film before we trash it. It looks intersting and well made. Yeah, and sexy too, but we shouldn’t hold that against it, should we?

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