Boy Who Asked Bieber To Prom Brings Cardboard Cutout Instead

Last year Leon Purvis made headlines when he asked teen pop star Justin Bieber to his junior prom in Glassboro, New Jersey—”as a friend” (of course). Well, Purvis’ prom was earlier this month, and though the singer was a no-show, Purvis did the next best thing: He brought a cardboard cutout.

Posting this clip on YouTube Purvis, 16, revealed he actually got elected to prom court with his 2-D Bieber stand-in.

Hey everyone my prom was on Saturday June 2nd. Sadly Justin Bieber did not come to prom with me as a bro so I went with Plan B. Plan B was of me bringing a life-sized cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber to prom as my wingman. That was my entry for prom court and king.

Luckily I made prom court doing that. I was not expecting to get on Prom Court. Also Scooter, Justin Bieber’s manager ,is giving me free tickets to the Believe Tour on November 4th!

We’re happy for you, Leon. But couldn’t you have just found a cute lesbian Bieber lookalike to go with you?

Feature photo: Georges Biard