Boy Who Asked Bieber To Prom Brings Cardboard Cutout Instead

Last year Leon Purvis made headlines when he asked teen pop star Justin Bieber to his junior prom in Glassboro, New Jersey—”as a friend” (of course). Well, Purvis’ prom was earlier this month, and though the singer was a no-show, Purvis did the next best thing: He brought a cardboard cutout.

Posting this clip on YouTube Purvis, 16, revealed he actually got elected to prom court with his 2-D Bieber stand-in.

Hey everyone my prom was on Saturday June 2nd. Sadly Justin Bieber did not come to prom with me as a bro so I went with Plan B. Plan B was of me bringing a life-sized cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber to prom as my wingman. That was my entry for prom court and king.

Luckily I made prom court doing that. I was not expecting to get on Prom Court. Also Scooter, Justin Bieber’s manager ,is giving me free tickets to the Believe Tour on November 4th!

We’re happy for you, Leon. But couldn’t you have just found a cute lesbian Bieber lookalike to go with you?

Feature photo: Georges Biard

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  • Baba Booey

    This kid needs to come out of the closet. He will by his sophomore year in college.

    Oh, and FYI, the use of “bro” outs you as gay bro.

  • LVgay

    what a fucking douche

  • 1equalityUSA

    Bieber blow up doll next?

  • Spike

    What is a pre-prom? And next some christian girl is going to take a dog to her prom, just to make a point. Prom is lame, ever play along with it for the sake of goofing on the picture years later when you have come out, or just skip the whole damn thing. Why does it have to be a place to make socio-political statements, it’s friking prom, showing up with a cut out of the Lesbeaver just gives the bullies more reason to bully.

  • Erik

    Wow. Someday he is going to be really embarrassed by these YouTube videos he made.

  • James M. Martin

    Give the kid a break, he’s a Bieber fan. This doesn’t make him gay or straight or even bi. I fail to get the gay dis some seem to read into the story. Are we wearing our feelings on our sleeves? Will we give bigots validity to their claim some of us are “bruised fruit”?

  • Baird

    @James M. Martin: Isn’t it amazing how often the commenters on this site use their OWN SEXUALITY as an insult? So what if this kid is gay? What if he isn’t? Shouldn’t this be a place where that doesn’t matter?

  • jason

    Justin is too busy cultivating a heterosexual image for his misguided female masses.

  • Rockery

    this is beyond stupid

  • Patsy Stoned

    I’m sure the cardboard cutout has a much larger penis than the real Justin.

  • takingliberties

    Idiot queen without a throne.

  • Chance

    Whether or not he’s gay (and I have to admit I believe he probably is, but it doesn’t matter), I think it’s cool that Bieber (or at least his manager) at least acknowledged the kids. Showing up as the kid’s prom date, even as a “bro” would obviously go against the image he WANTS to project, particularly with the gay rumors that are out there, but I give him props for at least giving the kid free tickets to the show. It was very…politic…of him. Can’t appear gay, but can’t totally ignore him or everyone will accuse him of hating gay people.

  • Chance

    And when I said “whether or not he’s gay” I was referring to the kid who invited Bieber, not Bieber himself.

  • G

    Ya know, it may seem like a bit of an odd situation. But I feel like we don’t know the entire context, so we can’t reeeaallllyyy judge. Sounds like he had fun, and it was unique. More power to him.

    Fellow homos: let’s stop jumping down everyone’s throats :P

  • nineinchnail

    Weird kid!

  • mark miner

    Yes. I marched for gay rights in the 1980’s so boys like Leon could take cardboard cut-outs of Justin Bieber to the prom in 2012. I am so proud of Leon. Of course I also want to smack him and tell him to grow the hell up, but mostly I am proud.


    —mark miner

  • hamoboy

    @mark miner: You are SO FULL OF WIN!

  • J Stratford

    This kid is just attention-seeking. A cardboard? Really? You’re 15 minutes is up.

  • Alan brickman

    Everybody wants instant fame these days…..What a Fame Whore Loser!

  • Alan brickman

    People use the internet to stalk celebrities all the time now….loser!

  • Pogo Bock

    A cardboard cutout? How could they tell?

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