Breaking: Gay Celebs Are Gay!

Attention all outing advocates! There’s a new “outer” on the loose with a specialty in old outings! Blogger “JJ” wants to take celebs to task on their bedroom antics. He writes:

I get TONS of slack for ‘outing’ celebrities, but why live your life in the closet when you could have a major influence on the gay community as a whole??? Yes, it is their ‘private’ lives but nothing is so private when you get paid millions of dollars to be a public figure, is it???

Well, maybe stool samples and other things, but even those aren’t necessarily safe.

As part of his new mission, this JJ character provided a handy-dandy list of queer celebs, including Lance Bass, Rosie O’Donnell and – gasp – TR Knight. Our heads are spinning! Of course, there are some fresh names on his radar. Apparently there’s some one-named chick named “Ellen” who’s blowing smoke. Who is this woman?

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  • FarrishCarter

    Well, I can kinda understand not thinking the 21st Century incarnation of Ellen is str8 as a board. Watch her show…if you dare…and tell me if she ever refers to who she is or who she loves. Last tally on that count was a big, fat, zero. Ellen is a sell-out…an Uncle Tom who, not unlike the king of the closet, Liberace, is laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Mr. B

    I beg to differ, FarrishCarter. I’m normally not home when she comes on, but I’ve heard Ellen casually mention Portia on the show before. And she definitely made some joke once where she mentioned not being straight.

    It’s really not easy to classify Ellen as a queer Uncle Tom. I mean, she did lay the groundwork for celebrities to come out as publicly as they do now, and she was brave as hell to do what she did on her sitcom. So what if she doesn’t want to pepper her entire show with “I’m gay, I’m gay, I’m gay” all the time? She doesn’t try to pretend she’s not; she just doesn’t make it the focus of the show. Not every talk show host wants to be Jack Jett (no offense meant to the aforementioned, love).

    And besides, it’s not like Ellen presents herself with a soccer mom image–the woman did wear a tux to the Oscars. And more power to her for it.

  • levoiceotruth

    I agree with mr. b. Example 1: Ellen announced her marriage to Portia on t.v. and choked up. aww, shes gay AND promoting homosexuality. is that enough for you? because honestly, it doesnt matter what ur orientation is. at least thats an ideal I was raised with.

  • Nina

    I think that She is being honest and cautious. I mean–look at Rosie. Everyone adored Her and then, when it all came out, the whole adoring crowd turned on Her. Ellen is great–but She is smart also. It is not idol, or producers, or talent scouts who call the shots—it is sponsors—and a great majority of companies that sponsor prime time and daytime TV call themselves “Family Companies”. Now You can take that as meaning a lot of things perhaps—but we are in the middle of the biggest blowout culture war in this country’s history—and without sponsort—no one, and I mean no one can make a show fly. Thank God for people like Rosie and Ellen–they do make the way better for the rest of us–but don’t be fooled—we GLTB are lambs among wolves in this society.

  • Jalen stegman

    “gay celebs are gay”

    “blue sky is blue”

    like wat

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