Breaking: Gay Celebs Are Gay!

Attention all outing advocates! There’s a new “outer” on the loose with a specialty in old outings! Blogger “JJ” wants to take celebs to task on their bedroom antics. He writes:

I get TONS of slack for ‘outing’ celebrities, but why live your life in the closet when you could have a major influence on the gay community as a whole??? Yes, it is their ‘private’ lives but nothing is so private when you get paid millions of dollars to be a public figure, is it???

Well, maybe stool samples and other things, but even those aren’t necessarily safe.

As part of his new mission, this JJ character provided a handy-dandy list of queer celebs, including Lance Bass, Rosie O’Donnell and – gasp – TR Knight. Our heads are spinning! Of course, there are some fresh names on his radar. Apparently there’s some one-named chick named “Ellen” who’s blowing smoke. Who is this woman?